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A Shuli Aug 2019
By Mahmoud Darwish
If I Were a Hunter

If a hunter I were
I’d give the gazelle
a chance, and another,
and a third, and a tenth,
to doze a little. My share
of the ***** would be
peace of mind under
her dozing head.

I have the power to vanquish
but that I relinquish,
and I become as pure
as the water where
she comes for a drink.

If a hunter I were
a fraternity I’d declare
with the gazelle:
“Don’t be scared of the rifle,
wretched sister, it’s a trifle.”
And we would listen, safe from harm,
to the wolf’s howls in a distant farm.
  Aug 2019 A Shuli
Breathe the bright moments
in life and hold them.
Let them go gently
as you would
release a butterfly.
For they will come back with love.
Let love come to you
as a soft breeze finds you
in a quiet moment
in a sweltering afternoon.
Love will return in perfect passion.
Grasp passion with both hands
and hold onto it
until you have wrung
all the heat from it you can,
then release it
as a sigh of contentment.
Dwell in each moment
of contentment
as you would savor
the perfect moment in life.
Life, love, passion and contentment
come to us all,
but they stay with those
who appreciate them.
Be the one who appreciates them.

  Aug 2019 A Shuli
South by Southwest
"A brain on poem"
is 'A bird without a nest"

"After all these years"
the "Age of emptiness"
gives me "All the reasons why"

It is "An unwritten truth"
"And you smile in the sky of my mind"

"As I rub the skin of my memories raw in thought"
I come "Asking forgiveness"

It is my "Bay of Dismay"
So "Beyond the streets"
My "Black hole sun rising"

Now it's my "Blue sky morning after rain"
There lies the "Boneyard of broken dreams"

By the waters of "Buzios Bay" , "By the shores of Malachite" , stand I wishing "Come black night"

She "Dances with fireflies" to the tears of my "Emotional Precipitation"
To the music of my "Emotions in motion"
A poem using the titles to other poems I have posted at Hello Poetry
  Aug 2019 A Shuli
It lays silkenly sweet against
sun kissed skin
tiny straps, perhaps strapless
delicate linen softly draped
tender tiny tucks and nips
delicious bows tied at nape

It cascades around curvy hips
‘round a waterfall that slightly drips
sprightly colors all wink as
they whisper and swish
full of giddy and laughter, they flirt
away gloom, rain and mist

Teasing touches wraps around thighs
dancing daisies pause as I walk by
serenely skirt and brush past
with a soft wispy cushion sway
plump full, recline, pause to chat
on a sultry summer’s day

  Aug 2019 A Shuli
My nose caught a whiff of
cherry blossoms
on a cherry blossom tree
as my body crossed through
the shadows of the tree's
entangled branches.

My feet stepped around
the fragile pale, pink petals
on the ground because my
eyes had learned to
notice and attribute value
to beings smaller than myself.

I must do better still.
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