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Honeydrops Aug 2016
" am I dreaming?"
Or is this really my heart beating?
Does it really feel real?
Can this truly be it?

Does the world really stand still
When I feel his lips on mine?
Does my heart really gives this melody
I wanna dance to all day?

Do our heart truly beat as one?
Are we truly becoming telepathically in love?
Is this love a dream?
Am I really In this realm?
Does my world truly seem this perfect
Or is this just one of those "merry go rounding love"
That leaves me feeling hatchet?

Did he just add rhymes to this beat?
Or did I just get my first whip?
Is this my happily ever after?
Cos it feels like a Cinderella ending...

Have I just met the man of my dreams?
Or did I just dream it?

Are those moments shared real?
Can nature replay em back one time and one?

Did I just hear myself giggle?
Did I just hear myself laugh real?
Did I just feel this loved?
Has he really brought out the child in me?

Is this really my heart calling out for his?
Or is this just another  adopted chemistries
Waiting to perish
In the trial of times?

Is this love real?
Or did I just dream it?
Honeydrops Oct 2015
"I'll declare to the world".
That I love you to the moon n back
I'll make a proclamation
That your name
laces the pulse of my heart
I'll tell those who care to listen
That you are that one star
That illuminates my world
I rode overwhelmingly
On your back
Drowning in the affection
You shower

That's how your flow makes me feel
Because you re my rock of Gibraltar
Because wiv you in my future
I can picture a great world
With God's signature

I'm not lucky to have you
I'm blessed!!
Happy birthday sweetheart..

Honeydrops Oct 2015
206 times and still counting
The number of time I'd rolled in and ooutta bed
Shifting positions @ intervals
None seem good enough
Glad I could figure out
Why my tommy rumps
Why my heart skips
And my liver shrinks

If only I could answer all the "ifs"
The (If) my heart keeps pondering on
A thousand and one of em
Looking up for some answers that seems pending...
I love my life,yes!
But I love it with you
Truth be told
He give me strength to go on
He's my motivation
No future seems fulfilling
With him out of it

... Maybe I feel ds way
Cos I've not gone far
But don't we find love where we re
And now I know
That even with thousands of miles
Ways apart
True love ain't easily broken
It all requires patience
And off course,
Two people who really wanna be together
When a highly respected man is trying to let out some anger
Step aside and give him a moment.
We all need one or two
We're all vulnerable to inconsistency and exposition
You know he would do the same for you.
  Sep 2015 Honeydrops
Craig Harrison
Fear, true fear is so painful
so hurtful, your body becomes shocked
your mind is crying

Fear to wake up in the morning
fear that it will happen again
true fear is so painful
so hurtful, your body is frozen
your mind is scared
Honeydrops Sep 2015
******* in soul,loose in mind
Hopin on my toe,into a fairy smile
I could lay all night
Measuring the length nd breath of the ceiling
Cos right nw,sleep seems like a taboo to my bulge eyeball
My appetite rattle in pieces
At the thought of losing him
Feeling I could go miles
To make him just mine
Though, all seem blossom
Yet,my tears saddles on the gurp of my throat
Cold shield my heart
With the fear of losing him

He completes me
Without him,life won't be awe
With him,well
I can go towards a roaring lion
Shove off a live crocodile
Break the teeth of a tiger
Cuddle a snake till it becomes *****
I can move what seems bigger than a mountain
Jump off a tall cliff
Cos I know he's got my back
I can fight to survive and yet survive
Even under the depth of oceans
I can break through whatever life calls challenges
Cos I know I have him...
Who is him
Honeydrops Jun 2015
A piece of art and oral histories
Matched together to create a radiant attire.
A match of skins from animals bones
Made into robes and aprons
To dazzle our uniqueness.
Simplicity is said to be
"The keynote of all true elegance".
Elegance is indeed the word
That describes our fashion.
The beauty of ours cannot be over emphasized
For even with no trace of histories
Our styles describes who we are.
African fashion,
Inspired by "youth"
Not by age
But at heart
For the youthfulness of the heart
Is in no match with the frivolity of mankind.

Let me digress us off a bit
From styles to our world
For afri fashion is not something
That exist in dresses only,
It is in the sky,
It appears In the street,
Africa fashion speaks to us through individuals ideas
The way we live and what is happening..

Africa fashion..
An impeccable,outstanding and flawless art
I call it "art" because it endorse creativity
For an author once said"dress shabbily and the world remember the dress,dress impeccably and the world remembers you".

Africa fashion"our styles,our mood.
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