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Feb 25
Chaotic and violent thrashing of thunder and cracks of lightning
A tortured soul and a burdened mind.
Within a life that seemed destined to be nothing more than bleak and surviving alone,
There she was.
The one who heart and soul I was meant to find.
Her kind and gentle soul filled with love and compassion,
Someone who has seen and lived through pain and suffering yet,
Her smile beams and radiates joy throughout a room.
The smell of her hair and her touch ever so loving.
To a young man who’s stated never again to love,
How could someone so beautiful and so perfect love someone like him?
His dark past, the nights filled with torment and though she’s seen his darkest moments…
She loves with her all and day by day she is teaching him to know the truest love,
How to give and how to receive.
It’s okay not to be okay.
To be open and never have to worry about feeling alone.
Her hand in mine,
The promise of never again will we have to suffer another heartbreak (other than who ate the last bite on the plate)
Truly love is a wonderful and beautiful thing,
To find in a vane way of saying perfection when there is no such thing,
Here she is.
My beautiful wife,
Love of my life.
The one I adore and hope each day I’m becoming a better man for.
Truly I love you and have searched for you.
Forever and Always, Always and Forever.
Across the galaxies and across the pages of time I will always love you.
Written by
Grey  25/NM
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