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Virginia Jul 14
god is
Good. and
made Us
Good. so
the devil makes Us sin.

but we Like it.
Virginia Sep 2018
If there is a mind behind
All dwellings I pray
For Happiness and Peace
To leave me.

I ask for angry strife in Life
And pain - again and again.
Hope that bite of loneliness
Sink deep under the skin
That every Light be dimmed
And Colour shaded.
I will hate to consume me
While I'm starved of Joy.
I wish for loud grief to
Split my knuckles and crack
My nails and for eyes
Like open wounds pour tears
And wounds cry blood.

If there be a hand above, pulling
Strings of our puppet souls I pray
Give me strain, give me pain
Rain caos over me and
Drain me of Happiness.
Virginia Aug 2018
I have nothing to complain about.
It *****!

I can't write poems
Without something to complain about
Something relatable
That others will see
And think oh! So it isn't only me!

Something that will make me likeable

Something like complaining
That I have nothing to complain about.
Virginia Aug 2018
How to explain the pain
Of feeling nothing
To a world made of broken hearts and bones?

How to justify
a shivering body
To a world that is hell and is burning?

How can one call for help
For one's drowning
To a world brought to its knees by draught?

I can only bow my head at their suffering
And dare to say that
Though my heart and bones are intact
I am broken as a whole

I can only bow my head at their suffering
And meekly mutter with a moist mouth
That though their tongues are dry and skin is cracking
Cold too is a thirst for warmth

I can only bow my head at their suffering
And whisper that as I drown
Surrounded by clear icy water
My lungs burn like the tallest fire.

— The End —