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Gerald Aug 13
But if you chased my
demons away, what am I
really left with?

Angels don't know what
it's like to be an
Gerald Jun 25
To want to speak. And not to know how.

To feel. And not to know what.

To be dead, and breathing; somehow.
Gerald Jun 13
Sometimes you can feel the void. The emptiness. You can feel the wind blow through the chambers of your heart. And sometimes, there's a haunting silence; the sound of ghosts of all the people I've ever loved.
Gerald Feb 19
"I've got an infinite number of places to go, the problem is where to stay."
Gerald Feb 17
Where do all those unexpressed emotions go?

Do they die, or maybe they just wander around inside?

Is my heart a grave yard...Or a town full of words yearning to be heard?
Gerald Sep 2020
You squeeze all the
love out of me.
Then you leave me
on poles to dry, hanging.
Gerald Jul 2020
I gave her my heart, but she never cares for it.

It just sits there...

                    ..collecting dust.
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