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i miss you
you had an impact
i am coping without you
fixing the crack
i found an angel
she cares and she’s able
to show it
my baby’s fit
a cute little misfit
her smile contagious
her eyes they are timeless
she makes me courageous
my thoughts of you
are replaced
with her
she is my lifeline
no need to define
she is mine
i do not need you
i am writing to tell you
i hope you are well
i hope you find someone as swell
dare not dwell on me
see good outside of me
be all i know you can be
for the last time in words
be gone with the birds
goodbye dear
your tears
will last years
you failed to hear
the thoughts i held dear
held back by fear
now nothing is clear
i’ll never see you
it’s all my fault
you do not love me
you cannot see
what we could be
as strong as the sea
my love will still be
i’ll work on me
maybe to be
the one for you
oh when will the day
where i may say
i love you please stay
our children will play and laugh away
eternal summer day
my mind will rest at last
but our love it faded to fast
i'll set you free
away with the breeze
time will freeze
my heart displeased
i fell to my knees
alone in the dark
you forever left a mark
they remark and ask me what’s wrong
i built a ****
hoping to smoke the pain away
drowning the past
substance cannot replace your absence

piece two
i pray for the day
where i may lay beside you
and see inside my view
you are all i need
nothing more than you will do
i will love nothing less than you
feelings come and feelings fade
my love for you will last decades
this love may not always be displayed
but it shall not be betrayed.
i miss us
the things we would discuss
the family we would raise
the many different ways
that we would spend our days
in a summer haze
in mid december
i still remember the day we met
i sweat and i fret
you are my life source
never to divorce
we are forever
yeah i’ll forget you never.

Piece one

— The End —