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Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
Often there seems to be a chill that does run down my spine,
I look to my Daddy to reassure me that
There is in fact nothing to be worried about,
But lately it just isn't that way ,
I know in my soul that something wicked this way comes and I fear that in this here land of the free,
It isn't going to be such Great place to be much longer.
As I linger in the moment and Think of this how the bizzare Election went down, I doubt my Daddy can stop the winds that have come change.
This doomed land of ours has almost slipped from grasp,
Will we be able to overcome this rage or will we fall defeat to the other side duality of this follies pride and watch as the beasts collide
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
To the people who Don't know me
I hope that you realize that I am a princess with a problem
Feeling a loaf is issue
Upsetting it is so
I am under the impression that
Frogs are not princes and people are not
Beautiful beasts
But under these stars
I feel the doom light up the sky
And the government make way
So as little as I may be in this world
Notice the flowers will still bloom and the
Cats will still meow,
And I will still feel scared without
My daddy beside me.
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
Many things
I have too many things in my life
Too many reasons why
I have too many excuses
Too many thoughts
To many issues
Too many tissues
I have too sad things in life
Too many friends that
Come unglued
Too many nights
I stewed
Too many mistakes
Too many ******* things that
******* *****
But for **** sake
I'm glad that
You were all I needed
You were all I wanted and you were just right,
Not too much of you.
Too many
Anna-Marie Rose Sep 2020
Under the surface

  Of the deep blue rapids

My arms spread out and my head disappears underneath

Soaking my whole world

And its in those few moments

that all my troubles dissolves

I become light as a feather.
Stress free
Anna-Marie Rose Aug 2020
Solely afflicted by my own mind.
Your perfect Little girl is left wondering how to survive
This broken arrow that now penetrates my heart.
My delicate emotions are ludicrous.
I sit back and peek over to you several times,
Memorizing lengths of time and recollections of everything I have come to cherish.
My cheeks stained with newly fallen tears.
All the explosion of loud noise that burst from my lips 💋
(Confusion and fog in my head!* Hazard Signsand Caution red lights 💡 only in my brain!). Oh, what to do?
I just want you!
[all the time I showed my fondness for you and return
You show me, you are not to be trusted with my heart ❤️
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2020
Where I go to be happy
Exists inside your heart and
Yes indeed it's a place I love, your love brings out all the extraordinary strengths we have together.
Your hands in mine 💋 my lips on yours
Our friendship has been through great struggles,
Even in a storm
My love for you grows with every moment of the day.
Everytime we snuggle up to go to sleep,
Your smiles will always be a way to my happiness as it grows.
Confiding in one another under the stars
You are here to help me be okay.

No matter how nerdy your jokes are, they still make me giggle until I almost *** myself. I cramp from laughing so hard I can't breathe!
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2020
Love being a ****** it makes me unique, I do not care if they call me a freak.
I enjoy conquering these struggles under my feet.
Demonstrating to one another that we are smart enough to speak on matters of the mind and our ability to think.
Stand up for whatever you believe because that's our rights as Americans,
We are allowed to walk different syncs
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