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what lives do they live? As they walk their dogs? Pay taxes.
Get gas.
Make dinner?
Is this life?
What life do I live?
Locked doors?
Mace in hand?
No red car?
No murderer??
There's pain in my sadness
But in that black hole I find peace
Because once I pull myself back out
My heartache will cease
You were too deaf to hear,
as I was far too blind to see
That my screams never reached your ears,
Or that those signs were all for me.
I wish I could do something destructive
With no repercussions
But I cant,
So the fire stays within me.
Melting my heart,  burning my skin.
From bone to dust
And light to sin.
Like a fly to a spiders corner
I got tricked by the warmth of your web
I was too busy staying safe that I didn't realize I was being eaten alive.

But don't worry because like flies, spiders must do whats needed to survive.
The fear you've instilled in me will only push me more to gain the peace I need.  
So make me bleed
Bring me to my knees
One day,  
I will rise.
No more saying not if but when
Because you will never bring me down again
One sip 40 calories
One bite 50 calories
How many calories until I finally feel ok myself again?
Or was I ever?
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