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We don't talk anymore,
'Cause I guess you ended up
Choosing sides.

We don't talk anymore
'Cause I guess
You believed his lies.

We don't talk anymore,
But I miss you,
Day in,
Day out.

We don't talk anymore,
But I still check in,
However I can.

We don't talk anymore,
And I accept
That you expected
Me to know something was wrong
When no one made me aware.

Imagine being
Blind by fear
And blind by doubt
And blind by all the things
You thought you couldn't live without.

But I can see now,
But I've been cut off now.
It's like my nerve endings are numb,
Which wouldn't surprise me,
By now.

I'm up late due to
Fevers and fever dreams,
Vomiting and low self esteem.
I know the nightmares can only get me
In my sleep,
And my secrets and now yours
Are now mine and only mine to keep.

I miss you dearly,
And maybe that's okay.
Letting go is never easy,
But you never intended to stay.
This is actually about two friends. One left abruptly when I needed her most, due to falsehoods she had forced herself into believing, most likely to her perspective on false events and some dysphoria, while the other kind of just faded away. While I have no respect for the actions of the first, I still care deeply for her. The other, I will always love and respect, until the end of time.
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