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Dashalynn Jun 2019
Dear, no one...

-love always, Dasha

As if always isn’t a commitment?
I fear commitment like some fear the end of the world.
Perhaps, it is not committing I am afraid of,
But having someone change their mind.
Dashalynn Feb 2019
For there will never be enough time, if we make the best with the time we have, perhaps if we are lucky...if just for a moment...time will stand still
Dashalynn Nov 2018
"The moment in which we stop living for others, is the moment in which the richness of our lives is replenished."
Dashalynn Nov 2018
I remember a lot of what I wish I could forget,
but I will never not remember,
Dashalynn Nov 2018
For the moment your lips said you didn't feel the same
Was the moment my heart felt what it was like to fall into a million pieces
Dashalynn Nov 2018
I am not ashamed of my scars
For they show what I've lived
Ashamed I am
For those that lack understanding
Dashalynn Nov 2018
For it was never based on his beauty,
But in his magnetism,
So enchanting
I would have fallen in love with him,
Even with my eyes closed
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