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May 2020
A severe pain
arousing from within
impossible for the
eyes to see;
eating up the soul,
weakening the bones,
poisoning the heart-
slowly, till it beats no more.
A loud scream
out of the lungs
to ease the agony
that dwells within;
but it's no use,
as you can't stop the
dead leaves from falling off
its branches,
or the upper eye lidΒ 
from kissing the lower one;Β 
thus, you can't fight
nor defeat love when she
comes for you.
One can only pray nd' hope
to find perfect serenity with love
and not to be
broken and shattered
into irreparable pieces
by her painful words and
unpredictable actions
Oginni Damilola
Written by
Oginni Damilola  24/M
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