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Anastasia May 2020
Cascading down
from the skies
your sense of care
deeply resontes

Time has opened doors
from our insecurities
and onward

Emotions of awe and serenity
soul-stirs my core
and yet I build up these walls
secretly hoping someone
gently breaks them down
with utmost patience

I can't help but wonder if
you feel the same
and perhaps we are unity
destined to intertwine

Sending a wish up into
the stars above
I appreciate all that's between us
and all that may be
Anastasia May 2020
Drawn to words and thoughts
I want what's underneath the skin
vulnerability, anxiety
fears and desires

Giving all of who I am in return
plastering naivety and hope
replacing what once was skin

Blinded by hope
heart becoming infected 
by this merciful truth
like an illness life's stitched into me

Hurt and narcissism 
concoct incurable fears
I'm here as I am
living amongst
the soft and
Anastasia May 2020
Every blue moon
memories of you

You'd dismantled
my soul and expect me
to let go so I have
and yet I'm still damaged
beyond repair

I hope you can forgive me
for never being able to
dig a grave deep enough
to forget your soul-distorting
touches and lies

My heart will remain naive
and refuse to see
this inner reality of a world
you'd help me create,
decorated by self inflicted wounds,
where I'll always feel misplaced
Anastasia Apr 2020
I'm no longer human
or so I feel
doused in feelings that cant
tell themselves apart

A heart of purity
soaked in inhumanity
once its been ignited
by the unforseen
flames of insensitivity
and ignorance
Anastasia Apr 2020
I'm a concoction of emotions
digging my own grave

I back away from desired eyes
to avoid the shame and hurt
when my core's been exposed

Will this cycle of
remaining a prisoner 
of my own heart
ever come to an end

Perhaps I wasn't 
meant to be loved at all
but beautifully resilient 
on my own
Anastasia Mar 2020
I feel so alone
isolated from my own
mind and heart

Two beings at constant war 
I just want to feel normal
despite knowing I'd never be

A battle I'd forever be a part of
and I'm simply petrified
an ache in my heart
that'll never be mended

But I will love myself
most of all, cherish those I love
give every cell of my being 
to the few of those who truly see me, 
love me, and accept me
in all that I am and ever can be
Anastasia Mar 2020
Seeping through
freedom with just a blink of an eye
wipsing through the air
up into the sky
becoming one with the clouds above

Birds circling around the
invisible aura of light
that this universe beholds

Enchanted by this lullaby
of simplicity
it soothes my core
in knowing it's all right
to be where I am right now

One leaf at a time
we'll turn it
at our own pace

Reminding ourselves
that we aren't alone
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