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There goes my kite
Up in the blue sky
Like a colourful bird
It soars high and high.

Fluttering its tail
Over the roofs and trees
It flips, *****
And dances with breeze.

With the gust of wind
It swirls round and round.
When wind is gone
It floats to the ground.

Sometimes to my left
Sometimes to my right
It chases the clouds
And fills heart with delight.
 Nov 2019 doodle poodle
warts and all
we encounter the world
beauty cuts through
the drugged and plugged veil
 Sep 2019 doodle poodle
 Sep 2019 doodle poodle
the skin and sinew
muscle and bone
soul and spirit
belief and denial.
 Mar 2019 doodle poodle
R J Coman
I often wonder
if snowflakes feel
themselves falling
or if the world
rises among them.
 Mar 2019 doodle poodle
Sunflowers fill the space where grief will not
Lumpy navy seats fill the room as the lights dim
Words are spoken in the fumes of salt and snot
Nothing can fill the murk in our souls as we drift
the saddest of days, you fell 150 feet, and the world is cruel as we all hurt
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