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doodle poodle May 2020
And the sweat dribbles
across the pages

upon which my pen
has started scribbling again.
doodle poodle Dec 2019
Those moments you never want to end
when the snaps come on beat
the lights not too bright

That moment when wishes
come true in your mind’s eye
and everything becomes clear

I never want
to escape this feeling
that slowly leaks out

As the night passes and morning comes
only fleeting memories remind
of the night before.
doodle poodle Dec 2019
Little by little the raindrops fall
little by little you see me.

Underneath the sheer
veil of doubt

I watch as my dreams fall
doodle poodle Nov 2019
Dimmed lights shine
from layers of glass

Wrapped in
a never ending illusion

We walk everyday
on our own feet

Yet we rely on so much
that isn't us.
doodle poodle Nov 2019
Sometimes, I see myself
Glass shards reflecting back
Fractured crimson landscapes

I watch myself
Salty equations sliding down hills
Psychotic half-*** smiles

Sometimes I think I’m him
A perfect image imposed
I’m going crazy too

I dream happily
Of crimson covering my land
And the blank screen that ensues
doodle poodle Sep 2019
It used to spin from
the webs of my mind
Dripping out onto the keys,
stopping time and motion.

But now it ceases
like a new moon,
gone indefinitely,
but silently present.

One day, I hope the sun
rises on this land,

For now, I lie in wait
for it to come galloping back,
filling my night
skies once more.
doodle poodle Jun 2019
Time cascades
over skin

Memories played over like
the broken cassette

Notes of ivory slip
and slide

Thoughts fog up
and drip down the drain

Left bare and shivering,
stripped of walls

Scribbles in the mind
fly into tangibility.

You turn off the water
and step out.
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