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 Dec 2020 Artemis Morris
It’s merely the fabric of reality
It was meant to bend and shape
Just as the white background
By words has been displaced
So is your tomorrow
An opus to be painted
I would gladly guide you along
But I wouldn’t have the faintest
Traveler Tim
 Dec 2020 Artemis Morris
I am music
the cadence of soul
beat box of rhythm
lyrical poems
I am music
the inertia of dance
primitive passion
arising romance

I am music
of both hemispheres
intuitive and sensing
perception unaware
emotion in motion
routed in love
I am below
sent from above

I am music
I am love
Please never give me up!
Traveler Tim
Imagine if rain fall
made sound
when it hit the surface
the world
would sound so serene
 Dec 2020 Artemis Morris
It’s me
But it’s not me
The witness behind
It’s always watching
I pretend to hide

This is my life
So why would it care
What ever I think
It is aware

And when I give in
Nirvana take over
The laws of nature
Intoxicatingly sober!
Traveler Tim
 Dec 2020 Artemis Morris
In my waking
The chaos sinks
I waist no time
To stop and think

The moment is now
I ponder my world
My deadlines
My children
My special girl

Pet my dogs
Sip my coffee
Hit a bowl
Write a poem

Work out
Play guitar
Walk in nature
Off I go
To bed alone
Traveler Tim

I’m going to get a job one of these days...
 Dec 2020 Artemis Morris
I’m not gonna
Wait for you
I know you been seeing someone new
  I’ll pack my traveling bag
Go for a ride
I’m not gonna let it get me this time

Just let you fade away
All the words you say
Turn the music up go for a ride
I’m not gonna let it get me this time

I don’t wanna be
Somebody’s fool
I’m not gonna beat up your new tool
I’m not gonna get drunk in spite of myself
I’m going to simply move on
To someone else.

And so that’s how a traveler does it
 Jul 2019 Artemis Morris
Pour your torment on the page and let the sound leak out of you

Your music bleeds out of your veins and it’s so personal, so emotional, how could people keep from resonating with it?

So now, you get to perform the same recurring nightmare every night. Reopening the wound you couldn’t heal.
the screen
the keyboard
the small room
the closed door
locked door
closed window
blinders keeping
the sun away
a chair
an empty stomach
protesting against
more tequila


you can write now
grab my hair
and touch my skin
breathe my air
and let me in
whisper softly in my ear
that I have nothing left to fear
cause time has left
and so has place
just you and me
floating through space
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