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Jenny Hindmarch Apr 2020
Early morning forest trees
tinted pale gold and peach
with chiffon mist glaze
Icy tipped scented lime
Crackle edge, crisp flight
raven blending into the edge
of breathy clouds
Undergrowth hum
and silence, overlapping lines
Swift sight of burnish
fox flame crunch and swish
winnow of wood sun flare flow
layered amber folding through the gold
Winter flings her cloak and flies
Jenny Hindmarch Dec 2019
The Killer Zombie Robot Cats from planet Zarg
are baring their teeth, biding their time, in the dark
Stealthily, instinctively, they scale the garden wall
and in a near silent silvery sheet, they finely fall
upon the grass, each claw a glowing glinting nail
Swirling softly through the trees, they start to wail
Crescendo whirling flute falsetto, high and shrill
the feline zombie robot gang is set to ****
me! A drifting motorcycle light shines up my face
My bravery has disappeared, I whimper in disgrace
The leader's eyes are lemon, and he has a manic grin
His sneer reveals his bloodied teeth, the boiling rage within
His snowy female sidekick sidles up, the rest rear back
Then they all lunge forward in a synchronised attack
That is when my head and heart black out, and once again
I come 'round, vowing not to drink on Christmas Eve again
A bit of Christmas silliness!

— The End —