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Allie Rocket May 2020
‘Slide to power off’ as my finger runs across
and I close my screen like you draw the curtains
habitual round as the day ends
and darkness descends
sends my phone into slumber
where no text or number can be found
Where the infodemic another pandemic
and the horror of BBC news is put down
released from my hand
by my bed on the floor
so I can give rest to communication
hear no beeps anymore
close the door on the day
Sleep in silent sound calling
With a round of yawning
and dream-states dawning
I’m pillow-bound
folded in duvet I’ve hit the hay
and that’s where for now I’ll stay
Tomorrow I’ll cope with my next lockdown day.
Allie Rocket May 2020
I’m unknotting myself
To knit myself new
Unpicking rows with too much tension
others that are too loose.
What else can I do
in this lockdown time
but search the lines for a new
pace and time
rhythm and rhyme.
To find a style of pearl and plain
And hope we can knit together again
Hear the needles click in an untick time
warming the heart
in a different way, awake to the day
What else can we do but
discover a pattern we can knit together
uncover our hearts to something new
and maybe true
Me and you
To get us through.
Allie Rocket May 2020
The birds are singing louder this year
And in the winging insect to nest
They seem to know that the world has changed
you can see the pulse in their breast
Something is better than before
that the air feels fresher
and the trees speak louder
as they perch awhile and rest.

Have you heard the birds?
Go in the park and close your eyes
listen clear and just hear.
They’re talking now no traffic noise near     
No cacophony simple melody                                              
Singing their voice of spring on the move
music to soothe our lockdown nerves
The birds bring a balm sweet-smelling to calm
filling the air with an offering
to soften our suffering
if that’s the mood we’re in
bringing gentle strength to us again.

Have we got a new song to sing to them ?                                        
I’m wondering.

Allie Rocket Apr 2020
Sometimes I wake trembling with love
And in the rambling moments of my waking mind
Where the unconscious flirts with the conscious
And the mental seduction finds
thoughts not yet shaped to the daily plan
gone anyway
in this lockdown land
In those moments
early very early
I know he’s there
with me
Lays beside me
trembling with love
That’s on a good day.


— The End —