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2wo 6d
Do you know what it's like to lose the thing that means everything?
It's like living without a soul.
But still..worry not
For your soul left in search of the next thing that will become your everything
2wo 7d
I love sad songs
I love the way they understand me when no one does
I love the way they convey my emotions effortlessly
I love the way they are always there for me at my lowest
But you know what I don't love?
The fact that the ost of my life is a sad song.
"I want to be happy"
2wo Oct 18
You crave love
You crave praise
You crave Admiration

But people are like eye glasses
They see what you see
They will only make your insecurities clearer

Take the glasses off
See how beautiful the view is
2wo Oct 17
The sky is cloudy
The light is dim
The party is lonely
The movie is boring
The food is bland
The bed is cold

Everything is Grey

Would you say I am living?
2wo Oct 15
On a dark foggy night,
I walked with the mist,
Carrying around sins of which I bare
The pain dragging me down like the chains of hades on a filthy ****** soul

Suddenly, Flashes of light bewilder me
Have I been  overwhelmed by it all,
I wondered as I stared emptily at the lonesome street light flickering on and off in the crippling darkness

It suddenly dies and my heart skips a beat...
Could I suddenly die, like this street light on this foggy night?
If so, should I let go of this ocean of pain I carry?
2wo Oct 14
Is it your voice..
Is it the colors I feel when I hear it
Is it your taste..
Cuz sharing with you creates its own unique flavor
Is it your Scars..
Cuz with every stitch we become one
Is it your heart
Cuz I think I hear it beating in my chest

I found my perfect match
but matches start fires and I know I am going to burn
I have been shattered so many times
that kisses feel like stones to me
But I guess to love is accepting to be broken
You broke down my walls

that's the reason.....I love you

This is my letter to you
Signed Gemini.
2wo Oct 13
I feel like I am about to lose my mind
...But I don't.
It's like my body is saying
what everyone else said

"You are being dramatic"
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