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Aug 2016 · 230
Happiness is only a mask.
True joy cannot be found for a demon.
Smiling is easy, keeping a genuine one is impossible. Even then, you can only handle so much before your smile breaks and the tears begin to take its place. You say to be auspicious is a choice. It's no choice! Fate decides for us! Why am I this way? Why can't I be normal? What did I do to deserve this madness!? I don't understand why I'm alone in this... I don't understand how you could be so cruel to me? Why must my demons torment me... I don't understand. Why don't you love me? Why can't I feel it? A mother is to nurse her child, my demons are to harm me. Where were you when I needed you most? I've always been there for you... Don't I matter? I've given my life away to ungrateful degenerate ****, why have I done so? I need help but I'm all alone, screaming in the dark but only my demons are with me. Only my demons can hear me. Only my demons can help....
May 2016 · 582
I remember your smile bright as the sun,
I remember your eyes, wild and fun.
I was your rebel, you were my punk,
I remember the countless CDs that filled your trunk.

You were my moon and I was your stars,
Never before a bond like ours.
You were my knight in shining armor, I was your helpless princess.
You were my jester, I was your charmer.

You were my rose and I was your bush,
Never thinking I was important you gave me a push. You took the time to care.
I never listened. Everyone stared and thought 'what an unrequited pair'

You were my coffin and I was your grave,
I will always remember the lessons you gave. You were numb and I was oblivious. You were at peace and I was powerless.
My brother and best friend, you're missed greatly.
May 2016 · 261
Engel es Todes
Angel of Death
Visit me tonight
Take my blood
Take my breath

Take my heart
Make it black
Tear me apart
I'm never coming back
Apr 2016 · 206
We're all just puppets being controlled by our demons. Who will cut our strings?
  Will no one set us free?
I fear we've been here so long we've turned into a creature of darkness, the very creature banning us from our own free will.
They told us that beings of great power are free. They were talking about angels.
Even demons are marionettes.
Feb 2016 · 161
My eyes are glowing red,
My lips chapped and faded.
My skin like porcelain,
My life being wasted.

I have cancer,
I'm leaving you.
Words cannot express the guilt I feel,
I can never be made new.

You said I'll be okay,
Truth is I'm the ****.
You said you'll never be the same,
Just promise to come visit me upon my hill.

Imagine what it will be like when I'm gone,
I have to think now before it kills my brain.
Dear brother promise me one thing,
Think of me often,even when your old and lean upon your Cain.

I can feel Death surround me,
Slowly choking out the life.
I wish I could do it over agian,
To take out all the strife.

I close my eyes as the darkness floods in.
I feel my heart skip several beats,
I cough harshly, I'm wearing thin.

My breath starts to leave me,
"Please don't go! Doctor we need help!" You scream.
I'm tortured enough, I wish you'd leave me be!

My breathing becomes heavy,
My heart starts to stop.
You sit here holding my hand,I have no more levy.

I have no more reason to live,
Not even you can save me.
So into the darkness I give....

                                    "Why did you give up?
                          Didn't you know I need you?
                                    Why did you leave me?
                    Now all I am is down and blue."

You cry as you try to understand.
You don't know why I let go,
You never once let go of my hand...
Feb 2016 · 215
Silence is my greatest strength,
It's my strongest weakness,
My weakest cry.
Though my cry's are loud,
Silence is my loudest plea for help,
I plea because I'm scared.
I'm scared of being heard,
Because it really hurts
when someone you care
about hears you,
But isn't listening.
Jan 2016 · 492
We dont belong
Why are you so cold?
                                                       I'm not cold,
                                         I've just lost interest.
Why won't you look at me?
                                                      I can't look at
                                                    what I've hurt.
Why is it always my fault?
                                      It's not your fault,I just
                                           Needed an excuse.  
What did I ever do to you?
                                                  You never did a
                                                  ******* thing.
Why are you leaving me?
                                           Because I can't stay.
Why are you condemning me
to a world of loneliness,
pain and sorrow?
                                         You've got it wrong,
                                  Your pain and suffering,
                               The loneliness and sorrow                                   your feeling will be gone
                                              as soon as I leave.
You said I was an angel.
                                             You ARE an angel,
                                Which is why I'm leaving.
Why than,have you
abandoned your angel?
                      I wasn't supposed too love you,
                                    dEmoNs aren't allowed
                                                   to love AnGeLs.
This was written for me and my ex, he was just too good,and I was just so wrong
Jan 2016 · 236
Second chances
As I lie here I see now that I am dead.
You say I am awake and alive,
But no. I've died and cannot revive.

I only fool myself if I believe you.
I'm here so down and blue,
I'm sick of it. All this **** you talk about.
You say I can be new, but I cannot.

For dEmOnS don't get second chances.
Jan 2016 · 234
Angel from Hell
Im engulfed by darkness,
trapped by the monsters and
nightmares that fill my mind
each day and night.
Why can't I escape!?
Im drowning,
but there's no water.
Im choking,
but I still have air.
Im sleeping,
but my eyes are open.
Im dead,
but everyone says Im alive.
Why am I ťΘгŤųГэÐ
by these MoNsTeRs
but no one else is?
Why do I live in the
nightmares,but no one
else dose?
Im a MonSTeR,
I hate everyone and
Im a demon,
I destroy anything good.
Im death,
I **** everything.
Im engulfed by darkness,
living with the MoNsTeRs
and the NiGhTmArEs.
I don't want to escape,
Im one of them.
Im the angel from hell...
Jan 2016 · 213
being trapped in a dark cell that is your mind.
your only friends are loneliness and fear.
Their only there to make sure you stay in the   Dungeon of Despair.
      “How did I get here?
   I don't remember leaving the                                        light...“
                     you say
then you shudder as fear kicks in,
                the Ĺiģнť?
    no,you don't want the light.
your not good enough to know                               anyone there,
     besides the light is ŞĆĄŘŸ.

   Imagine,being so ßŕøķęń that your thoughts no longer are clear
all you can do is curl up in a ball
    and hold back a tear so the monsters won't find you in fear.
  loneliness starts to comfort you
as the scars on your ribs and hips
            mock you saying
"you are no longer worthy of life
        you distorted monster!”
   Thats right!you almost forgot!
  your a monster no one can love
           not even the other
Jan 2016 · 278
Resentment of my mask
I resent the mask I wear,
     The one that covers up my fear.
                 'cause all you see,
            Is how brave I can be.
                  When in reality,
I'm nothing more than a trembling child
Jan 2016 · 251
I know what you did
The sun is shining,but I don't feel it's
               Warmth on my skin                    

You tell me I can trust you but I
               Won't let you in

You play it cool now but I know
                  Your sin

And I won't forgive you
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
Big Brother
big brother how i loved you
big brother why did you leave
big brother you promised you'd stay
big brother you never came back

big brother I was supposed to go first
big brother they still need you
big brother I still need you
big brother you promised me you'd be here

big brother no one else will understand me
big brother who will be here for me
big brother our plans will never be the same
big brother no one can fill the gap you left me

big brother you're no longer tan
big brother you're no longer warm
big brother you no longer move
big brother you no longer make me smile

big brother they say you're never coming back
big brother i KNOW their wrong,you promised
big brother you ßгоке your promise
big brother you left me,LiFeLeSs,just like you....
Dedicated to my dear brother, and my best friend. Thank you for being there, I miss  you so much.

— The End —