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Jan 2016
Im engulfed by darkness,
trapped by the monsters and
nightmares that fill my mind
each day and night.
Why can't I escape!?
Im drowning,
but there's no water.
Im choking,
but I still have air.
Im sleeping,
but my eyes are open.
Im dead,
but everyone says Im alive.
Why am I ťΘгŤųГэÐ
by these MoNsTeRs
but no one else is?
Why do I live in the
nightmares,but no one
else dose?
Im a MonSTeR,
I hate everyone and
Im a demon,
I destroy anything good.
Im death,
I **** everything.
Im engulfed by darkness,
living with the MoNsTeRs
and the NiGhTmArEs.
I don't want to escape,
Im one of them.
Im the angel from hell...
Written by
Chandler Darlingz
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