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Jan 2016
being trapped in a dark cell that is your mind.
your only friends are loneliness and fear.
Their only there to make sure you stay in the   Dungeon of Despair.
      “How did I get here?
   I don't remember leaving the                                        light...“
                     you say
then you shudder as fear kicks in,
                the Ĺiģнť?
    no,you don't want the light.
your not good enough to know                               anyone there,
     besides the light is ŞĆĄŘŸ.

   Imagine,being so ßŕøķęń that your thoughts no longer are clear
all you can do is curl up in a ball
    and hold back a tear so the monsters won't find you in fear.
  loneliness starts to comfort you
as the scars on your ribs and hips
            mock you saying
"you are no longer worthy of life
        you distorted monster!”
   Thats right!you almost forgot!
  your a monster no one can love
           not even the other
Written by
Chandler Darlingz
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