On my own. Loving life (most of the time). Wishing I could find more time to write...seems the only time I feel real is when I write.
Hoping to connect and/or learn and definitely READ others' work here.
On my own. Loving life (most of the time). Wishing I could find more time to write...seems the only time I feel real is when I write.
Hoping to connect and/or learn and definitely READ others' work here.
  1d  Ami Shae
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
2 days ago

just sometimes
I want to just float away--
hop on the nearest fluffy cloud
and ride it til the end of day
and greet the moon and stars
with the love I feel inside of me
and join them as they shine so bright
and perhaps they'll allow me to see
why they twinkle and glow
and while I'm there,
I'm going to ask them quite sincerely
if they will allow me to know
what it is that makes our world so bleak
so dark and sad and gray--
when all we need to do is look up
at the end of each and every day
and see the beautiful stars, the moon
shining so very bright...
Ahhh...if only, only I could ride this cloud
into the beauty of the night...
©Pamela Rae 02.23.2017

#love   #moon   #nature   #stars   #escape   #night   #clouds   #fantasy  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
1 day ago

I heard the birds chirping as I opened my eyes
And realized to my vast surprise
that I am no longer in a gloomy land
for I have you next to me holding my hand!
(Life can be really good sometimes)
And now I think I'm done with this little rhyme...

Re-united with my best friend! So happy to have her with me again!!!
She's only here for a few days and  I hope we can catch up after 10 long years of being apart!!!
The best thing is with her here--no Nightmares!!! Yay!
  4d  Ami Shae
Pamela Rae

I have given them away so many times--
leaving pieces of my heart in places
that I always hoped would be safe and secure
far from harm--
for in giving away these precious pieces,
I envision
that forever I will live on
and no matter what happens
no matter how cruel or inhumane
this life turns out to be
always somewhere out there
will be pieces of me,
my heart, my love, my soul--
and those who take the time
to pick up these bits and pieces (of me)
might finally know
that it's all about LOVE
it's all about giving it away--
for if you hold onto love just for yourself
you'll never feel the light of day
nor the warmth of the sunshine
or the glowing shine of the night time moon--
for being selfish with LOVE
will only lead to ruin--
so pick up my pieces
and hold them close to you
and know that even after I'm gone
my LOVE, my warmth, my compassion of heart
will ALWAYS be real and true...
©Pamela Rae 02.13.2017

no matter how hard life gets, there is still and always will be
Sending love and warmth to each of you and appreciation
for all here on HP. ♥♥♥
ps Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!
#love   #heart   #moon   #selfish   #gratitude   #warmth   #pieces   #compassion   #shine  
  Feb 12  Ami Shae
Pamela Rae

In this alternate universe
I have found myself in--
I look around
and cannot even begin
to comprehend how
or why
I find myself here now--
but here is where I am
and I have to make it all work
I trek through this massive maze
of doubt, of pain and gore
and look around me
and beg for mercy, I implore
my angels, my spirit guides,
whatever god might hear and see
"please, please help my brother to find peace
help me to somehow set him free
from his pain, the onslaught of
this most hideous disease"

And as
I drop down in submission
to my knees,
I just cannot stop crying,
while I witness his pain--
my little brother is dying
a slow and painful death
and I'm
still mumbling, still uttering
the one word, "Please."
with my every breath.
You see,
It Hurts So Much.
Please set him free...
give my little brother the peace he needs
allow his pain to leave--
Give it to me!
©Pamela Rae 02.12.2017

This has been one of the hardest, most heart wrenching journeys I've ever had to take...If there was a way I could heal my brother and take his pain and carry it for him, I would gladly do so...
Thoughts, prayers, healing vibes are most appreciated...
#dying   #pain   #illness   #death   #breath   #please   #cancer   #hurts   #heartache   #disease  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
Jan 28

If wishes could come true
I'd wish complete healing
to come to you.

If wishes could come true
I'd wish eternal joy
to find and comfort you.

If wishes could come true
I'd wish all love you feel
to multiply tenfold back to you.

Someday all these wishes
I wish for you
truly WILL
all come true...

just wishes for one and all here and beyond...
#love   #true   #joy   #healing   #wishes   #comfort   #heartfelt  
  Jan 24  Ami Shae
Pamela Rae

In these tumultuous times
one would think I'd feel quite undone--
the man who was elected, who our nation has chosen
to be the one to run
this great country of ours
stands for so many things I abhor,
yet today as I came home from my time away
I found out that I am loved far more
than I had ever hoped or dreamed I'd be--
you see--
my true love wrote a beautiful note to me
and told me that I am his ONE
and on my keyboard I found
his heartfelt words:

"You caught my eye
in junior high
and took my Heart
soon thereafter.
I don't need a single day
in February
to tell you this...
I love YOU
now and forever!"

Now tell me true--
dear readers--
would that not make your day?
It's been hard for me
since the change of guard
in our nation's capital --
but suddenly I realize
that this world is just so darn full
of hate--
yet here in my very midst
on HP and at home
I have real and true love to hold me close
and I don't even have to roam
further than close proximity
of my life right here--
to find out how very real and precious
this love is that I hold so dear.

So lesson learned:
take heed and look around to see
that even when I think the world is all messed up
I have so many here
and in my every day life
who truly do love me.

(thank you!)
©Pamela Rae 01.22.2017

That note also had a beautiful card attached that proclaimed his love for me...we were married as babes--he was 20, I was around 19 (barely) and divorced just a few short months later--but with the promise that one day we would find one another again...
37 or so years later we did find one another again and rekindled our childhood love. It's even better NOW than it was back then...
so, I'm
Just trying to express the huge gratitude I feel for the love that surrounds and embraces me! I am so incredibly blessed! Thank you too to all the ones here who truly care. ♥
#love   #heart   #hate   #home   #world   #hopes   #true   #change   #readers   #realizations  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
Jan 21

Not only am I drowning
but so many are going down
along with me--
our hopes, our dreams, our ideals
are being swept out to sea
the man who claims victory
is more than just a man
he embodies evil and greed
like no other in this land--
he cares nothing for AMERICA
unless it brings profit his way
and he will stop at nothing
to rule forever and a day...

So don't bother to save me
as I am falling beneath the sea,
I cannot tread water
for he is determined to drown me
and so many others
who only want what's best
for our beloved U.S.A.
and oh my god
this test
is far too much
and I kneel down and pray
and ask the gods above
to watch over the entire globe
for beware, I see it coming
this man in charge
has not much of a frontal lobe
and we are doomed
not just as a united country
but as a human kind
for we've elected an official
who has literally lost his mind...

I feel such despair and fear. I hope I am wrong. :(   :(   :(
#fear   #lost   #human   #drowning   #kind   #beware   #doomed  
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