On my own. Loving life (most of the time). Wishing I could find more time to write...seems the only time I feel real is when I write.
Hoping to connect and/or learn and definitely READ others' work here.
On my own. Loving life (most of the time). Wishing I could find more time to write...seems the only time I feel real is when I write.
Hoping to connect and/or learn and definitely READ others' work here.
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
3 days ago

Not only am I drowning
but so many are going down
along with me--
our hopes, our dreams, our ideals
are being swept out to sea
the man who claims victory
is more than just a man
he embodies evil and greed
like no other in this land--
he cares nothing for AMERICA
unless it brings profit his way
and he will stop at nothing
to rule forever and a day...

So don't bother to save me
as I am falling beneath the sea,
I cannot tread water
for he is determined to drown me
and so many others
who only want what's best
for our beloved U.S.A.
and oh my god
this test
is far too much
and I kneel down and pray
and ask the gods above
to watch over the entire globe
for beware, I see it coming
this man in charge
has not much of a frontal lobe
and we are doomed
not just as a united country
but as a human kind
for we've elected an official
who has literally lost his mind...

I feel such despair and fear. I hope I am wrong. :(   :(   :(
#fear   #lost   #human   #drowning   #kind   #beware   #doomed  
  3d  Ami Shae
Scarlet McCall
Scarlet McCall
3 days ago

Dark lily
grew on a tender stalk and
opened his petals to the world.
Praised and swooned over, he gently bowed to his fans.
Then hummingbirds stuck their sharp bills in his heart
and tried to suck the sweetness out of him.
The crows spread lies about him over the cornfields
and some believed them.

He keeps his petals closer now, but bent toward me
when he saw me before him, yearning hopelessly.
His beauty, like an opiate fragrance,
drugged me into speechless stupor.
Hypnotized by his dark eyes,
I grew roots into the earth.
Our eyes locked, our gazes held,
and we were in the original garden--
the one unsullied by shoeprints,
where the sun and the rain pass no judgment
and the birds sing arias.
The power there no words can diminish.
I saw him vibrant, unbreakable.

But soon he released me from his spell --
having little time, and many admirers.
He smiled at me with knowing sympathy
(having once been, himself, a supplicant).
With a nod, he dismissed me from his garden
and  uprooted, I staggered out the gate,
wishing I could have wrapped my tendrils around him.

One of the first poems I wrote. A true story.
#love   #gossip   #refuge   #celebrity   #eden   #worship  
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
3 days ago

In the impending days ahead
I hope to face them with awe
and not with dread.
Not a moment goes by
that I am unaware
of tears so many cry
and my heart breaks in two
as I realize with huge regret
that there is nothing
absolutely nothing
that we can do...
However this one thought is true:

I wish the best to happen,
really do...

  5d  Ami Shae
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
6 days ago

unbearable awareness
sometimes threatens to invade
to wrap its proverbial fingers
around my neck
and squeeze
until my heart explodes
within my chest--
but then
and inexplicably
you arrive on the scene
and loosen
the grip
of fear, angst and regret--
you caress
my innermost
intimate parts
with your eyes,
your hands,
your beautifully
spoken words
and remind me
that you,
(yes, you)
are who
rescued me
from the depths
(so long ago)
of my dark despair--
so when it happens
when I become
so unbearably aware
that life and love and sorrow
are all intermingled
into one and the same--
I will know then
to simply
raise my voice
with true determination
and call out
unto the universe
your name...
©Pamela Rae 01.17.2017

#love   #fear   #regret   #heart   #angst   #voice   #despair   #awareness   #grip   #depths  
  5d  Ami Shae
elsa angelica
elsa angelica
7 days ago

When I come to HP
And I see the name
Pamela Rae
I feel home

Thank you for your lovely poems. And for always being kind to others never have I heard of a bad action from you. You are worthy of imitation.
#you   #thanks  
  5d  Ami Shae
Keith Edward Baucum

Every Day

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

#love   #life  
  5d  Ami Shae
bill hughes
bill hughes
7 days ago

with the
broken heart

try to push
the pieces back

will only
m a g n i f y
your pain

with yourself

time to grow
into the spaces
with a better you

bigger than you were
and allow your heart
to love again

This just fell onto the page complete.
So I would hope it must be for someone.
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