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X A V I E R Jan 2021
dim the lights
pour the wine
I’m ready now

spark the match
candles lit, sultry
my Tangerine
I think I found you

hot wax on skin
as the smoke billows
candles flicker, tender
my Tangerine
X A V I E R Mar 2020
She was sleeping but wasn’t tired -
simply cozy and warm
and happy to be by his side.

There wasn’t anywhere to go, anyway.
Even if she fought through the rain
(and the wind - you don’t hear enough
about the wind these days, always fleeting)
we were, well, quarantined.

He was everywhere,
like dust on shelves,
like pop hits on the radio,
like fake news on television.

During trying times,
to be cozy and warm,
well fed and by his side
was more than enough.
X A V I E R Jun 2019
Tepid rains fall on skin -
nurturing, loving, welcomed,
building nostalgic embers
behind closed eyes.

I miss your glassy amber gaze
as I do your touch,
once nurturing,
once loving,
once welcomed.
X A V I E R Apr 2019
When the day sleeps,
do you still think of me?
When the moon rises,
can you see my face?
Is it my voice that so vividly
occupies your dreams?

I look to the stars for clarity
but the sable skies block
your glistening eyes.
X A V I E R Mar 2018
See - you think you need things
to be happy, but you do not:
simply being is happiness.

As we age, we find our
beauty in the mundane,
the everyday, in every
gift of life from your
smile to your laugh
to your scent  
to your touch
to your kiss
to simply
X A V I E R Oct 2017
I love her -
I let her have
the last bite of guacamole.
The little things that fuel true love.
X A V I E R Oct 2017
"your wine stained lips should be a crayon."
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