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Trying to be creative with someone looking over your shoulder, even while that someone is giving me a massage is distracting;
he says he's not looking
but he's too good at lying to me
he always knows what to say

even when I don't, like today.

my shoulders tense from school and work
he raises the pressure in his palms and fingers
rubs me right where it hurts.

And though sometimes,
it seems like nothing could ever been worse than this-

like now, when he interrupts my train of thought typed out on this keyboard, his loud rap music blaring through his supposedly topline headset, Grand Theft Auto 5 on the screen.

Angry lyrics spat through the canals of my ear and continuing their defiance, the intense beat on my drums.

The loudness from the slightly broken silence,m
stills my thoughts too a low hum.

and so,
I have lost my- was it my train of thought
or inspiration?
thanks alot

******* *******.
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate being interupted on a creative spree
"I'm not that much of an *******, you're the *******" he says.
creative liberty baby
Not that it matters, but I have turned one year older.
I don't feel older.
I just feel that the more time passes by, the more people hurt me.
I was hurt today in the cruelest of ways.
But it's my birthday you say.
I know but the person who hurt me, hurt me unintentionally.
It still burns inside.
It will always burn inside.
Today is my birthday.
Not that it matters but I hate today.
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