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Rishawn May 13
the hardest fight to win
is the one that is forever raging
an inch never taking

no man's land is your residence
you can only proceed with hesitance
as this battle your fighting is you against you
and its filled with dissonance

turbulent thoughts
eddy flows and countercurrent desires
your mind is afloat in a sea of indecision
waiting for a vision
of clarity
Where is my north star?
My guiding light
to help me on my mission
to make this decision

I keep wrestling with my ambition
and my desire for submission
to my guilty side
not hiding
never shying
from the chance to take all my time
and burn it with relaxation

a win for the soul but a loss for the mind
why sleep now when I have the rest of time?
but never slowing will the dim the glowing
of the creative ember lighting the way
and you never want to see that day
when it fades away

so take your time, let your stress wash away
let the good times play
maybe even pray?

Life is there tomorrow
you are here today
Mateuš Conrad Mar 2018
/your political ideology, shares its concern with my sumnmary of the "lesser" ideology, i.e. pedagogy... no matter what, i'll still have itchy fingers, might not write a monotone book worthy of a sleeping-pill excuse... but i'll still fathom an antithesis of claustrophobia, whenever looking at a paragraph; because you never disrespect a book by folding the page edges, when you should be applying the fathom, of using a book-mark... aged bibliophiles... what a horrid sight./

so much of music is
by a necessity for
   as it is due
to an explosion
                   of solo;
fiddly fingers,
                   you see.
with the only basis for law,
that's man's law
of authority above
everything by mere speech...
that gullible hydra
of circumstance...
and fakied superiority...
  came back,
a begging shadow
of what was once
          a body...
            **** the man
and his body to will,
being nothing more than
what all came to reside with:
a servitude
          to an unobliging
death comes,
      the only fathomable expression
of ease.

— The End —