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 Apr 2019 Warren Gossett
Lily Mae
Dandelions in her hair
mists of Avalon dance
within her soul

And for in this moment
this one moment
she believed in love one more time
ocean slams
into the breaking wall.
i build this wall,
reinforcing with steel beam,
concrete and stone.
higher and higher it goes,
deeper and wider i build.

ocean crashes onto my shore, washes over my sand covered feet.

oh, my sea love, take me back into your depths.
fill my lungs with your salty waters
so that my song can spill out
and i can once again
dance the delight of words.   great song...
what do you think of
when the sounds around you end up as
                                                              ­                                    one thing?

in little quiet morning towns i hear it most
and i call it "silent noise"
because nothing is recognized
individually/but rather as a whole.

the anchorswingingseagullboatnoise sound,
wavelapping canvas-sigh
garbled coffeedrinking speech of wharf-walkers
is all one.
                                                all one in the void
                                                   all together in noise
Burning bright
Like a candle lit
'Luminates a life
I'll help you find it
Give me your hand
Mine's mostly warm
So I can hold you
Against this storm
Oh, so cold you are!
What trick is this?
Who are you really?
What did I miss?
The candle's out!
Where did it go?
What happened here?
I deserve to know!
You took my heat
My heart as well
You said you loved
And so I fell
You took my warmth
Gave me your cold
So deep inside
It makes me old
Old, alone
Forsaken too
All of this
Because of you
Just one *****
My candle died
No more light
I'm dead inside

- 07/09/09
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