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Jayme M Yaroch Aug 2018
the smoke leaves your lips
curling away in the breeze
a vapor of something inside you
caught in the whorls
whatever it is, I like it.
Jayme M Yaroch Jul 2018
too much
and not enough
echoing voices shouting nightmares
brazen hollow notes for perfection
without justifying who this is perfect for
because it is not you
it is not me
who are these voices to sound our ears
with their nonsense standards of living
I'll be the judge of that!
who would I be too much for, anyway?
I could never be too much for me
and I have always been enough
and if that's good enough for me
the rest can stuff it.
Jayme M Yaroch Jul 2018
I do not know if these emotions
are you or if they're me
I do not know anymore
if this is how it ought to be
so if this beautiful thing does fail
it is because I failed to see
any separation now
between us, you and me
Jayme M Yaroch Mar 2018
it is against this willful heart
which I pray for the strength
to survive its beatings
that leave my sorry mind
so battered and bruised
Jayme M Yaroch Mar 2018
I always wanted it to be
just like this
where it just happened
and we just happened
falling into place
with no real work at all
comfort and comfortable
all the little things we wanted
yet had never found
until we found each other
and that's when it
Jayme M Yaroch Mar 2018
do not speak to me   
of mundane things      
   do not use those phrases      
which ought to be precious      
yet when you say them              
are clipped and trite    
                                  weak little lies              
                      that only come out    
          when your actions  
                       do not match your words  
          and your mouth      
                     does not match your heart
Jayme M Yaroch Feb 2018
The ghost of you is everywhere
I imagine you walking in the room
I smell your scent by the stairs
I can hear your gravelly laughter boom

Every time I speak aloud
it echoes all around
you're not here I am alone
no one else to be found

This place is like a graveyard
a lonely tomb long after dark
where I sit with our memories
as my emotions begin to spark

A whimper crawls up my throat
all I can do is stupidly stare
to hold my body still
Oh how I wish you were here!

You could make me safe and warm
sheltering heart and kindly song
so strong against these storms
but this time you are gone

The ghost of you is everywhere
I might just tear this house apart
which seems sensible and useless
to heal the hole inside my heart

Wait a minute, I've heard a sound
so my voice cries into the void
laying bare all this tight betrayal
as very loudly I am paranoid

Hold on, a key slides in the lock
my anguish is stilled but brief
but then I am angry to be disturbed
in the middle of all my grief

Quickly I run to the door
but my hurt explodes to purest joy
I jump right into your arms
as you exclaim, "Who's a good boy!"
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