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VVanGone Oct 2015
I sat alone in the middle of a bench in a full waiting room waiting to get blood drawn and he sat next to me so I moved over to the end of the bench and he gruffed
"I'm not going to bite you
You didn't have to move over so far."
He took it personal and I felt bad because he was the kind who needed a friend but what he didn't know is that I would have rather been anywhere than in a crowded anything room
VVanGone Oct 2015
if I appear strong
it comes mostly
from years of practice
in hiding what is real
sometimes writing with clarity
is mistaken for strength but
I am not strong
I'm dying inside
touch me
I need to feel
VVanGone Oct 2015
Bukowski's later years weren't so bad
he lived in a nice house
with a swimming pool in the back yard
drove a BMW
didn't drink so much
enjoyed the success of discovery
sold books and movies
and never gave in again
VVanGone Oct 2015
believe me, I would fix me if I could
I would use all the right words
repent of all the right sins
do all the right things
make amends again and again
I have walked that road too many times
and I am weary of fixing me
I'd rather live and see what happens
even if it ends up a pile of broken bones
  Oct 2015 VVanGone
raine cooper
some people never leave.
they're always inside you,
crushing your glass bones,
and setting fire to your paper heart
VVanGone Oct 2015
her eyes
the color of the sky
at the horizon
of the ocean
on a clear day
and it is all
I see of her now
that distance
that pale blue
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