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Tom Leveille
VA USA    twitter: @avxlanche YouTube: booking inquiries: my book "down with the ship" is now availible:
19/Cisgender/find me at a cemetery.    does growing up count as childhood trauma
Mahdiya Patel
20/F/Johannesburg    The teenager that grew up too fast . أنا أحبك ~
Rainey Birthwright
Isle of Skye    All poems written by Seán Mac Falls under the pen name ‘Rainey Birthwright.’ All poems by Seán Mac Falls. Copyright © 1998-2020. All rights reserved. ...
I have supernovas exploding in my mind and you have no idea the painful beauty they bring
not here not ever
Dark n Beautiful
New York    I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
aubrey sochacki
22/F/michigan    want me to write a poem about you? make me fall for you.
24/M/Allentown, PA    can you hear those crickets
Little Bird
raine cooper
I don't speak the language of any reality, and I stagger among the things of life. Fernando Pessoa. Twitter @fairycemetery

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