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  Jun 2016 Victor Attah
Yume Blade
Thank you ,
for being who you are
Thank you ,
for fighting with so meanin' way
Thank you ,
for showin' me what box means
Thank you ,
for revealin' your strength in the boxing ring
Thank you ,
for makin' me stronger
Thank you ,
for your way of speakin'
Thank you ,
for refusing to participate to killing innocent people
Thank you ,
for being so patient in the prison
Thank you ,
for not lettin' everything go with the the 3yrs deadlines
Thak you ,
for teaching me what  going on means

for this saddest day ever
Thank you
for this unforgettable day ever

Repose In Peace
Victor Attah Jun 2016
King kong!
You've heard of his rumble in the Jungle,
his mumbles and his jumbles,
his jabs and yabs
And the thriller in manila.
He was lord of the rings,
marabout of his bouts,
griot of his fights.
The master of the shuffle and the rope-a-dope
Was dope and made the dough.
I heard of his wits and his fist,
Of the ease of his wrist
And the gist of his float,
He fluttered with his feet
Then stung like a bee
His belt was his crown
In his robes he was king
None can contest
He was lord of the ring.
Victor Attah May 2015
May, may be or may not be
The month for the fools of April
But May's weather would favour Mayweather.
Victor Attah Feb 2015
If you know where the owls go at day
You will know where the bats go at night
Like big shrews with wings
They hang upside down
Eyes like chandeliers piercing the darkness
Wings like umbrellas fold and open at will
And Canines like snake fangs smile
When they hiss at you.
Hiding from the sun like owls
They yawn, nap and yap
Eat and ****, Milk their pup
As they roost for dusk to come.
The mangoes bear their bites
And they feed on insects too.
To the mountains or the caves,
their ears aid their flight
To feed and mate and make their swift return.
  Feb 2015 Victor Attah
DC raw love
Do you understand what it means to be profound. Profound is nothing that comes from a book learning. If you are to be profound, it comes at a early age and leads to insight.

The ability to look into something. Having it figured out before you start it.
Ongoing problem solving. The ability to see your near future and wanting to gain knowledge

To gain and understand right from wrong. To know what it is to gain intelligence, correct decision making. This can lead to visions.

To understand what it takes to get to where you want to go. To set your projection on life. How to gather intelligence.

Research and the gathering of information to get you what you want out of life. A way to conquer your fears and questions about life. This will lead you to realistic goal and dreams.

Goals and Dreams:
Set your goals and dreams. One goal and one dream. You hit your goal and then your dream becomes your next goal, Then set your next dream. Before you know you will be on your way to the top of the life's learning chain. That's were wisdom comes in.

I won't explain it, you can go to he Webster's dictionary and read the definition 1 for wisdom. It reads: see Bible

They are  other meanings these days and that is because people in today's society are losing their values and don't want to credit GOD for wisdom
Victor Attah Feb 2015
They can crack their guns
But we have made our choice
We want to cast our votes
They want to cast their bullets
We want ink on ballots
They want blood on bullets
They can crack their gun
We will stick to ours
Our votes most count
They can bite their bullets.
Victor Attah Feb 2015
Some wonder about
Twinkle little stars at night
But to night
I wonder about
How the stars sleep at night
Day and night
Paparazzi try to dull their shine
Always on their trail
like flies on cows without tails
But the fault is not in our stars
Stars shoot without  our wish
So we  long for them to fall
We pry into the lives of the stars
Like the stars at night
peeping the skies
to gossip the earth.

— The End —