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Veronica Ingram Apr 2020
Your love is so gentle and tender
You have my soul cupped in your hands
Awaiting the next storm
In which you will shelter and protect it

Your love is like a flame
With an infinite wick
Setting my soul ablaze at the very thought
Of your smile

Your love is like a plant
Nurtured in the most beautiful sunshine
Basking in the light
Thriving in the summer rain
Veronica Ingram Feb 2020
The passage of time is merely medicinal
hardship diluted slow
love built steady
an eternal healing process
the time frame circumstantial

The architecture of happiness is
that of the complexity of a
Baroque masterpiece
such is sadness
emotional waves of careful construction
breaking against the wall of time

- VI -
Veronica Ingram Feb 2020
You are the strongest of urges,
the itch that I shouldn't scratch,
but do.
Engrained in my brain.
A way of living.
A ritual
side affects long-lasting
you are the devil on both shoulders
coaxing me slowly into the dark
I need to find the light
I shan't give up this fight.
I am gasping for air,
but trapped under the ice.
Someday, the ice shall melt,
and I will be free to rest on the banks of
the lake of self-control,
in perfect harmony, surrounded by snowy evergreens.

- VI -
Veronica Ingram Feb 2020
Nicotine clouds float towards the
night sky,
masking the hazy galaxy.
The galaxy that shines so bright in your eyes.
Stars static,
tiny dots of white paint on a darkened canvas.
Arms around my waist,
I am calm.
Your eyes alone speak the the words of a million prophets.
Your contagious smile illuminating the sky.
Bliss comes in no form more pure than this
From here, I can see the world,
but the world is what you mean to me.
This is what happiness is, now I know.
You make me feel emotions so strong,
the human race is yet to name them.
One star shines brighter than the rest, it is you.
The light of my life, the star in my darkest skies.

- VI -
For someone very special,
A beautiful moment captured
Veronica Ingram Feb 2020
With thou arms wrapped around thy beating heart
I utter to you this
You warm my very soul
A steady mahogany fire
Burning its melancholy glare
A great Oak
Roots deep as are the branches high in the clouds
My love for thee exceeds the mighty oak
To love you, is to have faith in you
Pride runs through my veins
My mind caressed with awe and wonder
Go forth, and shine my angel
Go far and beyond and all in between
Show the world of your beautiful and bountiful wisdom you do so possess  
Let not dishonest folk swoon
May your path be blessed with thy spirits as pure as thee
And should thy life appear in disarray
’Tis I whom shall sweep to thy refuge
It is with sincere elation that I bid thee my lover
Too true for the justice of words be done.

- VI -
Veronica Ingram Jan 2020
I have Tourette’s. But my Tourette’s isn’t me. It is an entirely separate entity that takes over my body with no warning or reason. This entity is named Ted. Ted the tic. Ted is rude. He tends to turn up without an invite and then outstays his welcome . Ted doesn’t have a filter. He doesn’t know when enough is enough. When he’s exhausted me and should probably back down. But Ted doesn’t care.
I am stronger than Ted. He’s actually very weak you see. He acts as though he’s far stronger, and sometimes I start to believe him. But then I remember that he doesn’t control nor define me. However, I’m stuck with Ted for the long run. Almost like family, but that really annoying aunt that won’t back off, yah know? Ted won’t win, I will.

- VI -
Veronica Ingram Jan 2020
It could be argued that
waking up next to someone
is the most powerful state of
pure trust
with you
I feel safe

Coffee grounds make their way
to the press
time to wake up slow
kisses on the forehead
giggling about the dreams we shared
be had so separately

A day that starts with you
is a day of promise and
Sun beaming through the window
and when it doesn't
it shines from your smile

Your soft silky skin strokes me
we talk
reminiscing about the previous day
looking forward to the next
pure bliss
waking up next to you

- VI -
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