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Let it out
Let love in
Let it go
Let love win

Love every soul you see
Make love for lovers' sakes
Make happiness make glee
Mend all folks real or fake

My end will come from my beginning
No happenstance no random chance
Nor penance, plucking from your winning
No loss from staunch opponent's lance

Oh would that we could wane
Our dim dichotomies' details donned;
Outside this window pane
Oh wildest winds, we want to wander!

Penance plunders grace
Perchance, do you hear laughter?
Pick up your fallen face
Quick think: what are you after?

Remember what was ransomed
Remarkable requests are made
Requisite responses that result
Sacred sacrifice - ransom paid

So stop the secret scratching
Soothe your screaming skin
The way your thoughts keep hatching...
& That tell-tale heart ticking within,

Take a look around
This is a lucky life we live
Though time takes senses: sight, and sound
Taste, scent, and touch - like sand through sieve

silence fills the air
surrounds everyone in despair
controlling the minds
as insanity climbs
closer to the peak
becoming weak
and weaker
listening to the speaker
towards silence
What has happened to this city?
Why is everyone afraid to live here?
Why are all the faces pale?
Why is there an eerie silence all around?
Why is there a sense of fear in the air?
The markets are empty
The schools are deserted
The fields don't have no visitors
Many people don't even have food and water
The city seems like a person wrongly
locked up in chains
Waiting to set itself free and flee for it's life
The city which was once a hub of peace and joy...
...has today become a haven for crime and violence
Each day witnessess violence
Children are killed
Women are molested
Men are shot dead
People are afraid to venture out of their homes
The police no longer protects
For it's duty has now become to oppress
Daily clashes with the public is something they are accustomed to now
In fact it scares me to think that they actually enjoy it
The government watches all of this with a blind eye
While the city continues to burn
They are busy filling up their coffers
People are afraid to speak out
And those who do speak out are silenced
Each and everyday the sun sets upon this city with a heavy heart
For it knows that in the dark the city suffers even more
Today the city is like a scared child
Afraid even of it's own shadow
The air has become polluted...
...not with smoke but with hatred
It pains me to see the city like this
I hope and wish that things change
This city deserves better
The people deserve better
If you fell
I would catch you
but I'm not strong
so we would fall together.
bad days are bad
good days are good
sad days are sad
and silent days are torture
The girl could have fallen in love with a girl or guy
but no, instead she just wanted to die.
Characters are created to tell a story, if the writer thought of a different purpose for the character the story would change completely.
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