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Ruman Hafsa Aug 2017
My dear old self
I sought you in every nook
And every corner of my soul
I know not where else to look

I know you still exist
But I know not where
I seek you every day & night
Wish I'd find you somewhere

Oh my dear old self
Will you come back to me
Atleast before I perish
For one last time I want you to be

I'm so lonely & you were my strength
I made people hate me & I hate me too
Yours was good heart, mine a mere stone
Come to this heartless vamp & please rescue

Yours sincerely
Present self*

© by Ruman Hafsa
Ruman Hafsa Jun 2017
Down the street, was proceeding a lone heart
In a weary rhythm of the rain
Driving her bike away she went
In the crowd of a buzy lane

As she passed getting wet
The raindrops hitting on her face,
Appeared a little beaming one
Waved his hand to slow her pace

Requesting her in his sweet little voice
"O madam, please convey me
To a near by street on your way
For the rain is heavy"
, he did plea

On hearing this she did halt
Asking him to mount her bike
Drove further to her new destiny
And delivered away that little tyke

Hopping down from the roadster
"Thank you madam, may God bless thee"
Leaving the lone but now serene heart
He ran away towards his destiny

© by Ruman Hafsa
Ruman Hafsa May 2017
Dead cats & dogs lying in the rotting water
Sewage spread around, torn walls which harbour
Wandering murderers, drug addicts & smugglers
The alley was perfectly safe for these toxic wanderers

The one and only rule they were to follow,
Do not thwart others & one's own job they wallow
Either no friends nor do they make a foe
Or be a loyal chum & reap as they sow

Their life always in a peril & death doesn't amaze
Their nights, toiling hours; & lairs were the days
Confounding & menacing, such different their ways
The wanderers & the alley, no less than a maze

**© by Ruman Hafsa
Ruman Hafsa May 2017
The sun slowly came down;
And the ocean aroused;
To welcome him with open arms.
Her waves danced in glee
Waltzing with the sunlight,
Athwart the depths of sea.
He comes down to meet her
Every day, as it ends.
And the ocean, upon spotting him,
Turns red while it blush.
I stood there on the beach,
Witnessing their union.
Rejoicing as they meet
The groom & his woman

© by Ruman Hafsa
Ruman Hafsa Mar 2017
I wonder what these clouds are
A veil or an illusion
Concealing away the blinking stars
Fading away the moon & sun

I wonder where the birds fly to
And where do they come from
Soaring together
I wonder what do they hum

I wonder what the lightening is
Welding the broken sky somewhere?
And what is the thunderous noise I hark
Dacoits firing guns in some affair?

I wonder who painted the sky blue
And who puts the rainbow there
Where the sun sleeps at night
And who blows the vibrant air

I wonder these things & many more
But do not have innuendo to
I ask them about it, they say "don't know"
I don't fathom how to solve without a clue...

*© by Ruman Hafsa
Ruman Hafsa Feb 2017
The lonely route which I took one day
Took me through the woods, far away
It lead me through I know not where
But heard a swish from somewhere

I heard their lovely voice call me
Then saw them dancing, fluttering in glee
Tuning a melody, they flew together
Around a concealed path beleaguere

I pursued them and their call
Tripping on a stone I fall
And then my sight saw what was hidden
Away from malignant sights forbidden

A deep, dark tunnel leading down
There it was a butterflies' town
I hear them call, I hark them sing
I see their tiny flirting wing...

*© by Ruman Hafsa
Ruman Hafsa Jan 2017
"What is that you wanted to tell me?"
Everything that she mused to utter,
Appeared to dwindle away
Failing to convey, trying to cover it she emitted a mutter

"Oh! Why can't I convey it?"
The room echoed by her repeated query
While she stared at her tired reflection
Only the seized silver image can hearken her clearly

In fright of loosing someone;
The people who are her life's vital part
Failing to convey her love to them;
To the people who are the beat of her heart

But now, plucking some grit;
She desired to convey it all
"Uh...I uh... It was th...that"* she stuttered
"Nothing much, how are you?" she finally call.

**© by Ruman Hafsa
Everybody mused that she was lively, always happy, and extremely naughty girl who would make anyone laugh or tease them. Least did they know that she was cool from exterior & highly emotional introvert.
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