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Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
खुबसुरत सा लागे रंगीन आसमान यह ,
कितने ही रंग इसके बादलो में है छुपे कही
रंगो कि खासियत ही लाजवाब सी है ,
हर रंग बाते करती कुछ खास सी हैं
कभी उदासी का अंधेरा छाने लगे
तो आसमान की चांदनी
रोक दे उस अंधेरे को
खुद ही आगे आ के,
और झोली मे भऱ दे लाखों खुशीया आसमान से ला के,
लाखों खुशीया आसमान से ला के।
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Jealousy make you envious
It's do block your mind
It's stop your mind from thinking
It's make you greedy
It's make you feel
You are not pretty
It's make you become crepy
You just lost yourself
In the hands of jealousy
And at that only time
You have looses your pretty side
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
We live in the society
Where we have no freedom
Where we have to live as per societies norms
If we ever go against society
Our family have to bear the taunt
But whenever needed in darkness and sadness
Where will they gone?
They never are happy with our happy forms
They want to crate fudge in our home
Who they are to taunt?
They say this girl stayed out of house whole night
Means her liscence for living in this world has got cancelled
what about their's own homes?
Who they are to judge us,?
And to take a decision of our lives?
When we didn't have given our parents that right
Why whenever an injustice or **** happened with girl
It's says to be quiet
And whenever society got to know they didn't have catch the culprits
They always blame a victim
Who gave them that right?
When an injustice or **** do happened with boys
They says you are boys
Not a girl
So how can it happens with you
Or you are of that type
Means a gay type
Why this society never able to do a justice with a girl or even with a boy?
why do we listen to these so called society?
Who are they to judge us or blame us?
They are no one
No one to anyone of us
And we do have to fight with this society and it's norms
To get back our dignity and our rights.
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Abhi to suruwat h
Saathi to hmare aap h
Janne ki yh suruwat h
Kuch h jana tujhko
to kuch ab v raaj h
Pr fir v aap khash h
Sabdo ki aapko khubh pehechan h
Un sabko m bya kya aapne wo ehsash h
Ha nhi hue hmari mulakat h
Pr fir v ek dusre pr kuch alg s vishvash h
Or aesa yh dosti ka bndhn h
Jo sabse khash h
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Hai pratigya yh
Ki bdlaao h Lana
Sachchae ka hme h saath nibhana
Sach k khatir apno ka v saath chor jana
Hr paapiyo ko h hme sabak sikhana
Gunaho ko jhr s h mitana
Apne desh ki raksha k khatir
Khudh k jaan ko v daao pe lagana
Hai pratigya h
Sch ka h saath nibhana
Hr archano ko hra k bsh aage bdhte jana
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
Daughter's are like angles
Who has came from fairy world
Who always do filled everyone's life
with the colours of happiness
She has come as a beautiful gift of joy
Which god has send for us
It's hard to describe her in a words
It's hard to describe a tint of love which I felt on seeing her beautiful innocent and lovely face
She is our cutest
Which we always adore
She is our life line
Who has a positive vibes
She is daddy's little princess and mumma's cutest doll
Akta Agarwal Jun 2021
After being tortured for a year,
She started to live in fear
Until an invisible hand held her for her support,
And she started to loosing her fear,
She started to talk with a person who is almost invisible
She started to talk with an invisible person,
May be it can be her innerself or an imagination,
But this invisible person make her a new person.
Now she is not an afraid girl.
She is a girl full of confidence and courage.
She have courage to fight back all the difficulties.
An invisible person made her courageous and brave,
And she has became a lawyer,
Who do fight for justice
Whenever in the needs that invisible person is the only support she have.
It's unbelievable but it's the truth that an invisible person has changed her and her life positively.
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