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On my way to hell
Got nothing but my soul to sell
I know where I’ve been
Forgive me for all my sin
Bring me down, down to the ground
Can you feel the fire
It burns deep inside
Twisting, turning, like an unforgiving tide
She bleeds so pure, as she’s falling to the floor
It’s over, it’s done
Gone forever more
 Jan 28 Madeline Hicks
They say pain
makes poetry
so I wondered why
I hadn't been writing
then I remembered
pain is not what I'm feeling
it's what I'm yearning
in all this feeling
of numb
 Jan 22 Madeline Hicks
To be alive
To witness the beauty
To love unconditionally again
Is the best gift
I have ever received
-Unwrap your gift-
 Jan 22 Madeline Hicks
In between the lines
My emotions, carefully masked away
Just look harder, see the hidden signs—
A sharp inhalation, elation cut short,
Of fragmented words and meaningless phrases,
Like our goodbyes;
Obscured mistruths you hide in your sleeve
Actually read it in between the lines (odd). Then do it again (even). Now read it as a whole. Idk...

— The End —