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Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Big Bellies,Big Cars.
These are our leaders.
Sunken Eyes,Starving stomachs
Those are your neighbors.
Dysfunctional systems and it's not so important.
Hospital shelves have no drugs and the beds are rusty.
There is no food in the basket
But the main economic activity for the country is agriculture
Bribery is now part of culture.
The doctor will decline to offer you his assistance if you don't avail him with 'a little something'.
Part of our taxes go to personal accounts some abroad.
On Some days some people in the City,I Have seen some,sell their blood through donation drives in hopes for the free biscuit and soda and this is lunch.
And some go on for some days without any food not even little to their mouth
And not because of leisure or for their pleasure.
On the days when they get what to offer to the impatiently waiting intestines,it's a pleasure.
Some of our young girls are introduced to adulthood because of the conditions in the families they come from.
Chips and chicken,KFC,maybe Cafe Javas,have fun together and definitely bed later.
Some have 'achieved' more than this,like small cars say Vitz,Raum and Spacio but their lives have not changed for the better.
Some offer their Prized bodies to these predators for petty items like phones,clothes and leisure.
The dignity lost in doing this has a measure.
All this because for some of their needs and wants,some even so small,Their parents can't cater.
Potholes in the roads can even be a topic to joke about
Harming our cars that we toiled so much to acquire,we are not so bothered,since the people in charge,will soon work on them(We hope)
Sewerage spews all over our streets and roads sometimes and still we are hopeful for the better.
Maybe not now,maybe later.

Big bellies,Big Cars.
Those are our leaders.
Sunken eyes,Starving somachs
Those are your Neighbors
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Through them,you get to re-live a moment that once was
They move you from the present to the past
It's just their nature
Some are so nice
Some are just hurtful whenever they come around
Some you might wish you could erase them from your mind
The moment migt have not been intended to be memorable but if it's really meant to be,
It will be
That's it
You just won't have control over it
Months will pass
Years will move
But still,the moment will still be around like the moment just ended
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Life is not all sweet and fun
Life involves some ups and downs
Life is not just a smooth journey
There will be going through valleys and going up hills and mountains
There will be time to smile and laugh and,
There will also be time to cry and sob
While you are winning,always remember that there will be time to lose
While you are succeeding,be reminded that there'll be time for failure
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Show me that you deserve my love
Love me enough to make me long for you
I want to crave for you
Make me feel like I really need no other
Many are yearning for my love,
At least a hug
Or even just a touch
Some want to pay me for just a kiss
Give me reason to want you
Your beauty is something but,
I want more
You are not one of a kind
Many are out there that can replace you
This I know that anytime I wish to be pleased, I am in position to afford just that
I move to places and see many wonders
Many beauties too
Some, I’ve been blessed to share moments with them
Please me, I want to have my eyes only for you

Please me, tease me
Kiss me like no other
Love me like I’ve never been loved
Show me love in ways I haven’t yet experienced
Claim me and have me all for yourself
Guard me away from them jealously
Give them no chance to take me away from you
I want to feel like am your treasure
And then, I’ll give you so much pleasure
Believe me, they don’t want us together
Our union bothers many
And believe me or not, you have such a big task to keep me for you
But all it takes is for you to please me
I want to feel like am your treasure
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019

I am so glad that today found me alive
Meeting you is the main reason for this
You are such a beauty
Allow me some time and let’s get to know each other
About the other girls, I won’t bother
You are like no other
Make me wait no more
Let’s get out of here and be somewhere alone together
Don’t worry about your friends, you’ll back with them later
Hold my hand and let’s go share a moment
I want to feel your heartbeat
And tell you that all will be just alright.
Make me wait no more
Let’s get out of here and be somewhere alone together
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Maybe I was made to achieve something greater than I can be able to think of now
Maybe I am being prepared for worse that is yet to happen to me
Honestly, I sometimes feel like I should give up
Like I need to give up
Sometimes, I start to feel like life is really meaningless
I am made to think by some situations that out of all that I am toiling for, nothing is worth it
Nothing is worth not even some little effort
But again, I have no option but to keep going
Maybe someday, I’ll begin to witness better days
But why does life have to treat me like this?
Why can’t I just be alright?!
Why can’t I just arrive at all I wish to achieve?
Challenges here, challenges there
Disappointments here and there
Maybe I will never make it
But again, I don’t wish this ever comes to life
Maybe I’ll achieve all I ever dreamed of and so much more
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Dear my next girlfriend,

I think so much about you lately
How will your figure be, I wonder!
How sweet will your voice be!
How infectious will your laugh be!
I still feel hurt about my last heartbreak
And I hope that you’ll somehow make me forget about this
When we have got to understand each other,
I hope for love and care exclusively for me
How further more do I have to wait?
How longer is the wait going to last?
I wonder
Preserve yourself more for me, please
Keep yourself pure
We are meant to meet at some point of our lives
It’s been some time now ever since I was last in love now
I hope that you’ll remind me of how it feels to be loved
I can’t wait to receive your love
I can’t wait for you to arrive.
I can’t wait to receive your love
I can’t wait for you to arrive.
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