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Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Show me that you deserve my love
Love me enough to make me long for you
I want to crave for you
Make me feel like I really need no other
Many are yearning for my love,
At least a hug
Or even just a touch
Some want to pay me for just a kiss
Give me reason to want you
Your beauty is something but,
I want more
You are not one of a kind
Many are out there that can replace you
This I know that anytime I wish to be pleased, I am in position to afford just that
I move to places and see many wonders
Many beauties too
Some, I’ve been blessed to share moments with them
Please me, I want to have my eyes only for you

Please me, tease me
Kiss me like no other
Love me like I’ve never been loved
Show me love in ways I haven’t yet experienced
Claim me and have me all for yourself
Guard me away from them jealously
Give them no chance to take me away from you
I want to feel like am your treasure
And then, I’ll give you so much pleasure
Believe me, they don’t want us together
Our union bothers many
And believe me or not, you have such a big task to keep me for you
But all it takes is for you to please me
I want to feel like am your treasure

— The End —