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Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Dear my next girlfriend,

I think so much about you lately
How will your figure be, I wonder!
How sweet will your voice be!
How infectious will your laugh be!
I still feel hurt about my last heartbreak
And I hope that you’ll somehow make me forget about this
When we have got to understand each other,
I hope for love and care exclusively for me
How further more do I have to wait?
How longer is the wait going to last?
I wonder
Preserve yourself more for me, please
Keep yourself pure
We are meant to meet at some point of our lives
It’s been some time now ever since I was last in love now
I hope that you’ll remind me of how it feels to be loved
I can’t wait to receive your love
I can’t wait for you to arrive.
I can’t wait to receive your love
I can’t wait for you to arrive.
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Many a time,I feel so alone
Like I am really alone
Alone on my own
Many a time,I feel like I have no real friends
Many a time,
I feel like I have no real family
Like I don't really belong
This has been now going on for long
Sometimes,I feel like all that's happened around me is fake
That's maybe why on some days,the only smile I can afford is fake
I feel no hate,
Just heavy emptiness sometimes
And loads of unfulfilled promises that further get me wishing that I would get more than I deserve
I crave for real and authentic happiness sometimes,
Fake smiles,forced laughter,
And awkward hugs
I Yearn for a place where my heart and soul are going to be at sufficient rest
No haste
Fake smiles,forced laughter,
And awkward hugs
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
My honey, my favorite sweetness
Honey, hug me so tight
Please, don’t let go
For, this feels so right
Come closer by my side,
Don’t be so far from
While we are chilling together,
Peck me on the neck and remind me you’ll always love me
Oh…, how I enjoy these moments with you
My love is for you
Honey, my love is yours
I promise to always love you
While we are apart
Honey, I crave for you
I yearn for you
I miss you sometimes
I love the way you show me your love
I love the way you know how to care for me too
Give me all your trust and let’s keep this in place together, boo

My honey, my favorite sweetness
Kiss me once more and it will take me through the day
Throughout the day, the mind will surely wander and you’ll be in my thoughts
Kiss me and remind me how much you feel for me once more
My time spent with you is never a bore
Honey, your loving for me gives my heart some kind of comfort
I promise again that I will never hurt you
Thoughts about you make me smile a little
Be sure I Am all yours
I got you for me and you found me too
Those other girls, don’t mind about them because they won’t really get my time
You are the only one I love
You are all I have
You are the only one I need to love
My honey, my favorite sweetness
You are the only one I love
You are all I have
You are the only one I need to love
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
There is no more white America
America is black and white
And America was built by Blacks
Blacks imported from different parts of Africa
Imported from Africa as slaves
They were taken away from their homes and separated from friends and families against their will
They were made to do hard labor to the satisfaction of their masters without pay, under very harsh and forceful instruction
Most of the ways in which they were treated so wicked
I think all Africans in a way are entitled to free access and entry into America
Of course, with proper regulation
This is not the case now, of course
They were made to do hard labor to the satisfaction of their masters without pay, under very harsh and forceful instruction
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
Don’t give up yet, hold on a minute
He returns home late and drunk daily
Don’t give up yet, hold on a minute
I still remember the words you said when you me for him
Don’t give up yet, hold on a minute
You told me to go to hell with my love and that he is all you needed to love
You also told me you were ready to spend the rest of your life with him
It’s just one kid down the road and a few disappointments here and there, and you are ready to abandon your so-called soul mate?!
You should never wish that you and I ever get back together
You almost wrecked my heart and I survived that
I do not ever want you back in my life, not even as a friend
What we once had totally came to an end
For some time after you were gone, I constantly wished you’d come back to me all in vain

Don’t give up yet, hold on a minute
Maybe, all he initially felt for you was lust and you never thought of it that way
Maybe, he even got fed up of you long time back but has not really found the right way to let you know
What if he still does love you so much?
Maybe, during those days when he comes back late, he is from meeting with his other lover that is younger than you
Just don’t give yet, hold on a minute
Patience pains but pays, you know that
If you persevere and eventually, he rethinks his actions, you’ll be so proud of yourself
Don’t give up yet, hold on a minute
Even on those days when he returns violent, bear with him and show him that still, you will stay with him
I call that love and care
Don’t give up yet, hold on a minute.
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
All alone in my bed, I am lying
Wondering why you came
Into my life
Yet at some point,
You were something I really thought I hoped for
I take back my love and erase all that’s gone
Maybe then, I’ll be back home
Back home with my soul
Maybe that’s what I really wholly own
All my love is now gone
Kiss me no more
Your words are bitter
Hug me no more
Your soul is so cold
Blood pumping in my soul when I wake,
I hope for more
Hope for better
With some hope deep down in my head for something worse than the worst that ever broke down my heart
Paranoia maybe, maybe it’s not
I am wide awake now, my heart almost got wrecked
I got back now
Maybe my eyes closed to some, but I see the most now
Emanzi Ian Dec 2019
This is Uganda
My motherland
My home that I love so much
Boom, boom, boom,boom
Another prominent leader has been shot dead
Who is it?
Abiriga, the yellow man
Panic here, panic there
Some arrests here and there
And that’s it
He is gone
And the killers too are nowhere to be seen

This is Uganda
Around that time, it’s party here and party there
Many of my brothers and sisters have come to the beginning of the end of their time in school and some totally done
The graduation has brought well-wishers, relatives, friends and family from different places
Happiness is all in the air
But for many, the excitement ends there
Because months and years after that, they are still hoping to find their first job and the hopes seem to be withering down and getting further like the sun setting at dusk
Some have chosen paths totally different from what they studied for
The professional doctor is now a trader
The one that studied engineering is now a farmer

This is Uganda
The neighbor’s dogs are feasting on meat, chicken bones or even the chicken itself and maybe some serious Dog food sold in supermarkets but they  slept on empty stomachs the previous night,
The mother is the main breadwinner for the husband abandoned them
There is very thin hope for a meal the next day
Maybe a Good Samaritan will do a miracle
But it certainly is not going to be their most immediate neighbor
While kids from well-to-do families are picked from the gates of their parents’ homes to go to school and brought back later in the evening,
Somewhere in the same age range or slightly older has also woken up to start his/her day
With his/her old & ***** sack on the back, held by the neck, he traverses the whole village throughout the day in search for scrap metal, plastics and some metallic cans that he/she hopes to sell off and find a little something to buy some food and also enjoy some ‘luxuries’ like maybe buying a secondhand T-shirt/Dress
Imagine that!

This is Uganda
We pay for justice
Some pay to deny other justice
And that’s the way it is
A police officer will ask you for a bribe openly with no shame
And that’s the order of the day
Disguised as a small token for ‘Ka-soda’ or ‘Ka-lunch’
This is Uganda
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