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Lora Nov 2019
Seasons change as my sentiments amplify
It is a scary feeling that does not terrify
My piece of quiet in a world full of noise
I fall for your subtle elegance and poise
A happiness that is not my own comes first
I burn with desire like hunger and thirst

All of your layers are pure perfection
I was lost but now i have a direction
My light, my sun, my sky,
You keep me grounded and I make you fly
Each month by your side is a moment of joy
You’re my Paris and I- your Helen of Troy
Lora Nov 2019
Have you ever looked for answers
At the bottom of the dark red wine
Your eyes looking at the tiny dancers
Through your grace they always shine

The sour grapes have rescued you before
You found no answers yet you sip again
Every time he walks out the door
Tell yourself that you don’t need that man
  Nov 2019 Lora
Restu Taurina
how is it,
that when i kissed your lips
i can ******* dreams?
Lora Nov 2019
Yellow brick road, dimmed street light
A walk down a path with no end in sight
Loud barks of dogs that do not bite
Uncertainty cripples into the young night

Sounds from melodic songs of crickets
Wind gently brushing off the thickets
Another summer night rolls into the dawn
Disappearing into the wilderness like a fawn
Lora Nov 2019
Cigarette burning… we glanced at each in one of those ways that forces you to instinctively look away…to hide the confusion, the love, the pain, the disappointments, but even that chilling thrill of being on the very edge. It’s was one of those looks that rips you apart and leaves you bare naked. It pushes you to let yourself go…to give into temptation. Each blink felt like a minute of sweet torture, our fingers nervously twitched not sure whether to clinch onto the skin down to the bone, leaving a trace behind, or to remain transfixed. The way he looks at me automatically makes me want to grasp onto his hair and watch his head tilt backwards as his eyes invert.
The cigarette had burned out now and the smoke was nothing but a vacant memory. I cannot say I felt the tobacco rush, but I still feel his eyes on my skin.. they were asking questions, answering questions, I saw a spark of immense desire and the shame for wanting it in the first place. Our bodies were so close we could hear every emotion almost as if we were guests in each other’s heads… yet our tongues were tied in nots, so we let our eyes speak. My hand looked for his hand craving his warmth and the spaces between his fingers…he teased me by pulling away just a tiny bit to test how far I’d go.. his fingers ran through my hair as he took a long breath opening his lungs to the herbal scent of my shampoo. From the corner of my eye I could see his lips curving into a cheeky smile, perhaps because in the back of his mind he remembered all the times I wore nothing but that scent..I knew that for a second the world had stopped spinning and we were back in that stillness where our souls were intertwined…and at that moment he didn’t need to see with his eyes open anymore.
Lora Nov 2019
You are my half moon
I wait for you on the window in my room
Your voice in my ears like a gentle whisper
Calm like a needle in the eye of a twister
Your light is my beam on a sleepless night
I vow to hold you close and tight
Your shadow never fails to guide my sail
You are full of courage and I am frail

— The End —