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  Feb 2021 Salma
Andrew Gomez
“Are you okay?”
“No, but I have to be someone’s smile today.”
  Feb 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Life is a long journey
Full of deep pains.
Hearts tied to chains.
Our heart is our secret well.
Hide and I will never tell.
Coz no one gets your tear
Or understands your fear.

I trust my heart
He is the first and  the last.
He is life and death.
My heart is my real path.
The day I pass away
He doesn't run away
He is buried
With our secrets
Trust your heart.
Salma Jan 2021
Why is it hard
To fall in love
After you fell once?
Salma Dec 2020
Seven years ago
You were here
Seven years later
You're still here
Maybe you passed away
But you're still with us
Every corner of the house reminds me of you
You're soul is the thing keeping us going

One day
I'll see you on the other side

  Dec 2020 Salma
South by Southwest
So black
So blue
You know that feeling
Don't know what to do

You sit at the desk
Looking out
Looking in
Asking , why can't I win

Black is the night
That my midnight blues

Blue is the heart
Broken into a thousand

So are the memories
That lay black as death
While love ceases

Black are the days past
But the blues live on
they last and last

So be blessed my blues
Black be the rules

When I look out my window
It all seems so cruel
  Dec 2020 Salma
I don't believe in wishes
but every falling star
knows my story.
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