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Just let the night embrace you....
Your smile is a shiny star....
So the night welcomes you with open arms....
Just mingle with all others out there in the sky. .
This is a world where everyone is happy....
Where roses and stars sing together....
This is the only place where a rose petal becomes a star at night.,,
And is born again as a rose petal at dawn...
 Dec 2020 Faizel Farzee
A waking
From the repast of rest
Where we fall into worlds
Where we walk into rooms
Lives lived unknowingly

Her kiss was sweet
Gentle but with edges of abandon
Perhaps taboo was the bond
Or the purpose
My mind raced at what we were doing

As she dressed
She smiled
Nothing more beautiful
Than a woman confident in her desires
I reached out to touch her
As she diffused

The waking....
 Dec 2020 Faizel Farzee
 Dec 2020 Faizel Farzee
Clean casts and cloths!

There was a lullaby about

the entered dame,

and I might have coated

myself in her princess

name, tucked inside of

her platinum frame,

and ate the strut

of her barefoot flame.

No shame darling,

no shame,

I crave you just the same,

from your curls I came,

and your rose colored kiss,

I claim,

from the drops of your golden

light, to the humming flutes of

your fame!

copyright 2020
A dark soul,
With pain untold.
A broken heart,
That tore him apart.
drops of tears,
For the burning scars.
And a bleeding mind
Hoping for a way to find.
Men working

What about women
Saw men working sign my thought.about all the women in and outside the home
They're all sick and I'm no longer going to the Teddy Bears picnic,

Bugsee grabs me, she hugs me, it bugs me, that's why I called her Bugsee, see?
and she's immune to everything, she's made of polyethylene and very easy to keep clean.

fishin's out of the question when the answer is, tidy the bedroom,
another wish in the well gone to hell.

stay safe
be a hermit
live in a cave.
 Nov 2020 Faizel Farzee
i met the prettiest girl i fell in love with over October..
we hold hands everyday..
we kiss..
we do each others makeup..
its amazing
i like her i really do.. shes so beautiful but..
she doesn't do relationships.
really makes me feel a bit wh*rish but its alright.. as long as its with her
i fu*kin love her man
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