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Vic de souza Jan 16
I will remember you,
Will you remember me ?
The memories made
Will never fade
Engraved in the clouds
Screaming out loud
I will remember you,
Will you remember me ?
Vic de souza Jan 1
Feels like Im lost
Feels like I’m frozen
And covered with frost

Surrounded by darkness
Surrounded by fright
Moving in circles
Hoping to find the light

Praying for a lifeline
My heart wants not to fight
Shirt Drenched in tears
As I try to hide it while sitting upright

Can’t pretend anymore
Don’t want to fake it no more
Waiting for it all to end
Please don’t give up on me yet, my friend
Vic de souza Dec 2020
When I first saw you
You were standing with a hunch
A umbrella in your hand
And ready to go for lunch

You called me by a name
No one else ever did
A different mind I wondered
Who knew I’d like it a hundred

You’re different from others
Your thoughts tangled and weird
Yet they sound so beautiful when told
Some may say it’s worth more than gold

Your smile so beautiful
Your heart so kind
A person like you
nowadays, Is hard to find

Wonder if you’ll stay the same
Sometimes funny sometimes lame
A personality full of madness
Out on a pursuit to find happiness
Vic de souza Nov 2020
Under the sky
Lost in his thoughts he lay
Wondering what he did wrong
That she just started going astray

Nothing around him
Just the stars and the grass on which he lay
And no one to seem him
Drown in tears while he pray

Ripped apart from head to toe
Crying for her to come back
While he refused to give up the scar on his heart
Which was her last imprint before they started to go apart
Vic de souza Nov 2020
A dark soul,
With pain untold.
A broken heart,
That tore him apart.
drops of tears,
For the burning scars.
And a bleeding mind
Hoping for a way to find.
Vic de souza Nov 2020
It’s at this time,
I wish I could hold your hand...
It’s at this time,
I wish I could feel the warmth of your body before I moved to the promised land

It’s at this time,
I wish I could see you smile,
It’s at this time,
I wish I could hug you tight And tell you we are going to be alright

It’s at this time,
I wish I could hear you one Last time
It’s at this time,
I wish you hear my one last rhyme

— The End —