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  Mar 1 A B Faniki
Our Purpose, is to worship the Creator.
Our Purpose, is to minster to the Lost.
Our Purpose ,is to also use our Gifts.
To Glorified, the Good Lord Our God.
Our Purpose is to Love Others Unconditional.
Our Purpose, is to have an relationship with God.
Our Purpose, is to walk in the ways of God.
crazy days
crazy places
crazy nights
crazy faces
turn around
crazy ways
crazy haze

colour smothers
colours fading
careful don't stomp
on my crazy paving

crazy dudes
crazy girls
crazy fates
crazy pearls
make it crazy make it good
I wouldn't want anything else
in this crazy neighbourhood
Written on July 07, 2006
  Feb 9 A B Faniki
I finished a book the other day
It was a short story
And nothing really happened
Of note
Immersed in its simplicity
I was lost
My imagination leading me
I found a character
And it became my symbol
And I became it
Of course,
I found you in there
And I lost myself
In another
In a fiction
Similar to you
But not really
I wanted these characters
You and I
Symbols of the real
To be real
To be together
To be one in love with the other
So I kept reading
And nothing happened
And I know
I could have just torn the rest of the pages out
I could have rewrote the story
And these characters
These Personas
Would have found love
In my creation
I didn't
I just kept reading
To my dismay
They never did find love
Though I tried...
Though my character tried...
It was a simple story
And not much really happened
In the book
I could have changed that
I didn't

I finished a book the other day
And then got on with my life
A                    Propose

Day                              ­               Best


Way                     ­                  To say


Of                     ­                             love


Life                                              In

      ­                     Light

And                                         Bright


    At              ­                            site
  Feb 9 A B Faniki
Tension in the prison that I sit in when Im livid.   Its a sentence or some pennance for a sin that I've commited.  When our mission turns to vengance earned forgiveness isant given. Within minutes no ones finished sayin **** they wanted written.  In an instant your indifference makes us cinics faith deminished.  With no witness poor decisions have of course now forced opinions. At my limits I've convinced them to enlist the quickest minions.  I envision life as gifted why give in to mindless business.
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