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Murphy 4d
Tension in the prison that I sit in when Im livid.   Its a sentence or some pennance for a sin that I've commited.  When our mission turns to vengance earned forgiveness isant given. Within minutes no ones finished sayin **** they wanted written.  In an instant your indifference makes us cinics faith deminished.  With no witness poor decisions have of course now forced opinions. At my limits I've convinced them to enlist the quickest minions.  I envision life as gifted why give in to mindless business.
Murphy 7d
Im among an elite.  We dont run or retreat.   If my lungs hold enough wont give up while I breathe.  All the blood I cao pump til it clumps at their feet. Til Im done or Im hung til we've won or defeat.
Murphy Jul 22
god ****** I keep throwing in previous lines of mine into poems....I have been writing since 16 and I guess a lot of these lines stand out and I didn't notice.....****!!!!! that is some weak ***, disappointing crap.......!   If anyone out there ever reads my stuff enough to see it please let me know I am so upset about this right now.  I doubt anyone does read enough of my work to see it but if ANYONE does please scream it at me...I wanted to be better than that but I guess if u cry about the same type of bs then its bound to happen to a weak wordsmith.  Sorry folks.
Murphy Feb 21
Livid seems to limit peace and rigid dreams all bend and crease. But when it reads that sin is glee an instant leaks to minutes brief. but in a week the fridged freeze and irish creeps all tend to scream. Then a truthful lass can speak through glass and Scottish tact is felt at last. and on my lap a window gaps the distance that is on the map. While I am trapped I tear and scratch at all these straps that hold me back Id like to crash just where your at but care was never spared for that.
Murphy Feb 20
The cave I sit in weak and livid staying timid locked and chained.
In ways a prison shaded hidden days and minutes shocked and shamed.
Today has given way to visions safe and risen from the grave.
The face of tension changed to grinnin made my livin somethin great.
The strain of penance gained and lifted phased and shifted into grace.
I prayed forgiveness came and witnessed pain that ended up as faith
Murphy Nov 2018
If you were dead when you were born. Could you have said that you were warned? But you instead, decide to stay, and soon your led through a life of pain. If I was shown the skin I claimed, is the kind thats prone to sin unaimed. I still would deem, that shell at home. The thrills, the dreams, the trails I've roamed. The ***** I thought could change her views, the more I fought, the more she *******. And with the seed, we birthed to earth, has made me see, its worth the hurt.
I had a GREAT childhood and no mental or any other kind of abuse to overcome and I never understood why I am so ******* crazy and I am without self love.  No clue as to why I am automatically and habitualy self destructive.....and after a while the only theory I have come up with is the lack of oxygen at birth or the fact that my first three minutes on earth were spent with me dead and then being brought back to life......Its almost as if god and I got into a fight that morning and she let me think I won while warning me that this isn't the shell u were meant for and u will suffer and have a lot of trouble with the chemistry in the brain that will come with it.
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