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Mia Mcdaniel Jun 10
Ridiculous to fall for his tricks
He didn’t care but put me down
I try to forget the pain you put in me
Day and night I close my eyes I dream on lilly pollens glow
The sound of crickets chitter in joy
Glistlening leaf buds singed to have love embraced for estatic shiver
I dream for the sun to flicker against his ***** blond
To remorseless sweet left as I smell a breeze blow pass across my face
My emptyness tearsshed for tender touch realized he didn’t care tofeel  the love
I be his slave like a mule
Bowed down though he’s my king
My loving feeling for thee sheds
I realized there was nothing there in the shelf of love
I looked across beneath the tree
Lighting flickers personalities grew
I feel for peach tree buds didn’t bloom
My ocean blue eyes show the true pain
If he looked he see pain for love
I hide behind my distraction smiles
Like a rose afriad to get picked
I took peaces of my other poems added more and made another one. let me know what you guys think. #love #sadness
May 24 · 201
Mia Mcdaniel May 24
How so
How can we
How do those words come out
How do we not choke on our own words
Why doesn't make it make us breathless
Why doesn't it  rip our vocal cords
How do we have the strength to cuss
How do we have the guts to say such words to threaten others like a vocational
How is our tongue able to move to give someone pain
How do we grow up to make others shed pain and tears just by word?
May 23 · 159
Power of God
Mia Mcdaniel May 23
A shade of blue sky
Golden sun rained and beamed the palms of his hand
Rockfall in thunder rumbling sweet sound
Water sea part and bow though he passed
Sea creature swam in joy
nature bend and bow
mammals cry in joy
Raindrop fall flow stopped in air
Whistling wind stopped though it never blew
Raindrop froze into hale
cold breeze passed by though the golden sun
has never beemed
Shade of blue faded in gray
May 23 · 130
Mia Mcdaniel May 23
Pages flip words call with crying lust
eyes stare with addiction
book of shelf flys
words walk though it was alive
eyes scan as thee reads
book hovers over thee
their eyes were watching
the shelves didn't speak
words sing with history
books danced with fantasy
shelves creaked with books of history words of fantasy emotions of fiction and pain of non-fiction wept.
May 21 · 153
Mia Mcdaniel May 21
Calling barren blooming stem
glistening leaf buds singed
with leaf buds to snowy virginity
outside  observation buried into dust
bee sunk creaming in every blossom
love embraced ecstatic shiver
golden dust of pollen glamoured bees
remorseless sweet left into whistling wind
May 21 · 98
Mia Mcdaniel May 21
The University of Oregon, Western University,  
Duke University, Yale so what
He who studies law
thee who has riches
attend Duke Unversity
Thee who suffers from no riches
He who attends Western University So what
What differs
WHo study will be an equal point
so he attends Duke so he attends Western
will pay equal will master equally.
May 15 · 701
Mia Mcdaniel May 15
Lily pollens glow
rain of tears drops though it rained
petals glow
lily gleam and glow through it reverses time
night crickets chitter in joy
clock hand reverse twelve
midnight bell rings
willow leaves raddle like reindeer bells
pasture sound chitters and shallow
river flow down the stream fast
the wind made tree leaves raddle
so quick time stopped beneath my feet.
Apr 22 · 177
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 22
The chatter echos through
kids of mumbling chatter in my ears
haunted house on a Greendale road
floorboards creaked as it was alive
windows bright though it sees me
door lock clicks swallow me whole
Carpet tongue moves teeth chatters to chew
Giggles whispers in my ears
chills run through the floors
wind whistles like a coach
Spits me out though I was gross
Apr 21 · 130
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
Though thee says for me to sway
stored my sorrows against the bay
Reflect my tears over the shore
Sorrow pushes against the sand
demons cry under my feet
Forgotten who's but threw my ring
The ocean ate like a meal
Stepped on fragile sand
sunk beneath the sea, reflect the tears of my fears
Paled skin burned against the flames
Eternal sword into my soul
Gazing sin dared with pride
Secret pushes onto the shore glowing in the night like a light
Apr 21 · 102
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
He passes by
The wind blows across my face
The sun flickers against his ***** blond
Turquoise eyes hold me still
I smell a breeze blow past us like we weren't there
His turquoise eyes sparkle like a star
as I forget where I was
He glides across the road to where I was
The chills shivered down my spine though I stepped into a bath of ice
Turned around pretend
He caught my arms and stood me against a pole
he chews his gum as he tries to speak
I smell a minty breather blow across my cheeks
Apr 21 · 782
Shatter me
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
You put me down
but I will rise
you break my bones but they will heal
You shatter my dreams but they will form
my security will rise against you.
Apr 21 · 73
Make me
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
You're doing this wrong
You're not right
we can't hear you
Don't talk back
we are the adults
we are not interested
Go to counseling like it or not
you got no choice you got no rights
you have no say in anything
follow our rules
if you don't it's your consequence
You can try to fix me
you can try to shape me
you can try to boss me around
you can try to parent me
you can try to control my life
you can try to control everything I do
But that will not make me love you
That will not make me trust you
That will not make me listen
that will not make me care
That will not make me follow your rules
That will not make me forgive you
you are not my parents
I didn't choose to be here
I had no choice
Apr 21 · 320
Because of what you did
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
I hate the way you lie
I hate the way you look at me
I hate the way you make me feel
I hate the way you apologize
After you make me feel sad
After you made me felt useless
After you made me felt like I was nothing at all
I hate the way you made me felt  helpless
I hate the way you made me felt hopeless
I hate that you took away everything I cared about
I hate the way you broke my heart
I hate the way you took my heart in your hands and crushed it
I hate that you were there for me
I hate the fact that you made me soulless
I hate the fact that you made me cold hearted
I hate the fact that you made me heartless
I hate that I can't be myself
I hate the fact that you made me just like you
Because of you, I am heartless, I am cold-hearted
I am soulless
Because of you I am so harshed to all guys
I am always paranoid
I am always hurting men's feelings
Breaking their hearts
Look what you've done to me
Apr 21 · 75
I hoped
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
He tells me to wait, to wait for his love
TO wait for his touch
so I wait every day and night waiting for the day when he takes me kisses me by the lips like there was no one around us.
Every night and day we talk he flirts with me I do the same
The day came it was a dance night
I hoped rot see him there
I hoped to dance with him there
As I hoped I dance with my girls looking for a sight of his face
But cannot find
Finally, I see a familiar face
A face I've been looking for all night
Then we dance he held my hand and with the other on my waist
I thought he kiss me but he didn't
The music ends he leaves
I see his lips touching his Ex lips my heart breaks my heart shatters It melt away but he didn't care.
He was selfish He was kissing his ex in front of me
He kisses her again my heart breaks all over again
And my tears shed out he didn't care
Then I realized I was ridiculous to fall for his tricks.
Apr 21 · 245
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
I try to forget the painful past, I cannot
Day and night when I close my eyes I dream all my painful suffer's come back in my dreams. Night and day I cry in my sleep
I fight the nightmares but it doesn't go
The nightmare of my painful past is just too strong
Just too much
My painful past and all the memories are always here.
Apr 21 · 45
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 21
I lose my temper that I can not control
I cannot even though I try
my kindness sheds away
the more I lose my temper
the darkness take and takes me up peace by peace
although I fight the more the darkness takes me the more I try to love the more I lose my temper
My loving half is a gone
I'm taken by darkness
No kindness nor love
will ever find me nor bring me back to the light of day
Apr 20 · 84
Apples Falls
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
I looked across beneath the tree
personalities ly on the pastures green
Flickering red hang from the tree
Mad at God for how it fell
I told my wrath what a poet
They fell on grass that didn't ly
Bore apples rote in pain
Poring tears, seedlings grew
Lighting flickers personalities grew
though my foe was my blood
My foe stretched beneath the tree
Turned around and made me bleed
I fell far from the tree
The new poetry I just wrote this morning
Apr 20 · 243
I miss my baby
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
What hurts the most is that the memories I used to have near
you now are the memories I wish I could forget forever
But I cannot because I really love you.
Apr 20 · 60
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
Walking down
Finals day of 5th grade
The ten-year-old little girl looks up at  her momma
Phone scream is in the way
The phone never leaves
all the girl wanted was her momma to look up
She would notice the tears shed
She would notice her daughter crying
Standing in tears
Covering her feelings around her
She would notice her daughter is hurting in pain and needs her momma's help just for once.
Apr 20 · 56
With or Without
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
The thought of you happy with someone else still makes me smile
I will be happy with or without your arms wrapped around me
So if we fall apart and I see you with someone new
I will not shed a tear
I will be that you're happy
I will stay strong for you and your happiness that is the love I have for you
With or without your arms holding me
so don't worry about me if we fall apart.
Apr 20 · 42
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
Why do you make me feel so special
make me run out of words
make me smile every day just by the thought of you
The thought of something more
with you makes my heart skip one two three
but I am scared
scared your gonna leave me
your gonna walk away.
that all this will fall
I come to a town and there you were
It turned into more all I have is you
The fear that you are gonna get tired of me.
That your arms will hold someone else
while my eyes water
while my heart crumble like broken glass
Apr 20 · 37
Little did they know
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
The key to unlocking my heart gets buried deeper and deeper
Until it's at its the grave
Here I am in the dirt filled with scars and pain
Little did they know
Little did they know that
I was alone
the smile covered the true pain
The makeup covered the trail of tears
The sunglasses covered the glaze of my tears
little did they know
I just needed one little friend to care
to have my back
to like me
to love and to care
but it's too late
I am done trying
done hoping
Apr 20 · 152
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
Butterflies fly
Fish swims
I cry
People laugh
People have friends, have love
People say they got my back, but when I fall they laugh
I am a victim
I am kind
People take advantage
people pretend to like me
I'm bullied
I am taken advantage
I am kind
I am strong
I push it aside
People were still the same
People were still mean
they never change
Apr 20 · 164
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
The ocean blue eyes show the true pain
If you look close enough
all you can see is pain
the smiles she puts on makes you distracted
makes you think she is ok
she has a mask on saying she is fine
only the words " I'm Fine"
She has a hidden message "PAIN" "FEAR"
The ocean blue eyes
the mask
The smile is all a play
she really isn't okay
Apr 20 · 274
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
How can someone think they're so imperfect
Perfect is just a word
everyone in their own way is perfection
The outside isn't what makes you perfect
your inside is your perfection
Perfect is just a word
Apr 20 · 29
One, Two, Three
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
One, two, three my heart skips a beat
The begging, of my next four years, is here
So scared I could barely talk
Barely breath, wondering If I could do it
New school
New begging
New friends
I get to start over
The past doesn't matter
The present matters
the future matters
Apr 20 · 23
I thought wrong
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
I never noticed
The rose that had thrones
That I always held
The chains around my heart
The locked door
The cries that my heart shouted
The pain you left in me
I thought that was love
I thought the chains were your arms wrapped around me
I thought the door was unlocked
The cries were laughs
Obviously, I was wrong
But you came along
my best friend
found the key
got my cries to turn into laughs
the darkest hours
I turned till there
the brightest hour still there
we got new adventures
one step at a time.
Apr 20 · 87
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
As I picked the blood red rose bloodshed out of my eyes.
As I watched shed onto the red roses the roses turned white.
As the rose turns white chile flickers through my veins.
Snowflakes fell from the red sky
As the snowflakes touch the ground
The snowflakes became blood red one by one.
Apr 20 · 90
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
We dance in the moonlight
you twist and turned me around
you held me by my waist
we danced and danced
you tell me forever you love me.
You hold me and kissed me under the light of a blue moon
under the light of billion stars.
Apr 20 · 47
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
You said you will
you said forever and ever
so I believed
so I trusted
so I thought you loved me
so I thought you got my back
When the day came
when I needed you
I'm lost
I'm sad
I'm left in the dark
So I cried
You were not there
I lost hope
Apr 20 · 89
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
We fell off the cliff
you grabbed me by my hands
you kissed and kissed my lips till my tears shed
As we kissed
as we fell we kissed until we shattered like glass.
Apr 20 · 80
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
Say Oh say you love me
Oh say you love me
I begged and begged
fell on my knee's and begged
as your hands let go my tears pour and pour out my eyes.
Till I drown in my tears
as I drown in my own tears
I realized you didn't care.
Apr 20 · 71
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
You fill my life with energy laughter and chatter.
You've challenged me, taught me things about the world about people and of course myself.
I, ve made so many mistakes.
You've forgiven me and helped me so much.
But your greatest gift is the love I have for you.
It's unbreakable
It's forever
Apr 20 · 36
I love you
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
I would give up the entire world if it meant I could have you in my life endlessly.
Your happiness is of grave importance to me when I study your smile I can overlook the darkness of this decaying reality.
Every heartbeat of the time my mouth declares three unpretentious words.
I say it like an invocation
Not one moment did my tongue express profanity against these golden words of poetry.
I wallow in my own sorrows at the thought of the culmination when we shall one day part at death's hands.
I deeply distinguish that you love me equally, and this brings vast pleasure to my temperament.
I sense security in your encirclement, your heart is my home.
My heart qualms of my fragile weakness that I consume when I dream of you.
you make me susceptible to the sickness of love.
If love was a poem, you would be the title.
To even commence to define how profoundly I fell in love with you, I would need the capacity of a thousand-page manuscript written in the most romantic idiom.
Each and every retention of us is stowed into the back of my conscious and concealed deep into my heart.
Every beautiful memory plays through my head like soft music.
I would say my heart is immovable. There are days that you, but it's intolerable for me to do so.
I am so engulfed in your perfection. I do not think there has been a single day that you have escaped my thoughts.
I can feel your presence with me if I ponder our memories deeply enough.
Your presence weighs heavily in my heart. it is as if part of your soul occupies its crevasses, and fills my cracks.
Your eyes are echos of a hundred distant galaxies no man has ever revealed. Vast windows that reflect the constellation.
My heart is certain the universe resides in them.
as I begin to study your face, I feel like nothing but love could exist.
Your porcelain perfection never ceases to weaken me.
you weaken me with love, trust, and desire.
Like the finest specimen created by the hands of gods.
as I anticipate the connection of love, the implication is " YOU"
Even if the fire for what you feel for my dies, I do not the reason the passion I have for you will ever dim.
I di not begin to recollect if I had ever felt this susceptible.
I let this passion be valued like the rarest stones.
Apr 20 · 52
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
Seductive wayward hands like silk, soft to the touch. Travel down your lustrous skin southbound to their destination.
Lips, neck combine in passion.
Warm breath on the neck turns into sultry slow kisses
your grips hair tightly
your soft moans reverberate in the ears  
as fingers reached ever so close.
Apr 20 · 38
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
I sense her presence near, her perfume captivates me.
I turn around and one look was all it took.
Her body radiated with the light of heaven.
Her hair was golden and silky.
Her movement was ever so perfect.
Those eyes made of pure diamond and a smile that could change the soul of a demon.
She came near and immediately I was ridden of my sorrows. She set me free.
Apr 20 · 46
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
Her burst lips rounded in red lipstick
as she licks them he dares his eyes at her
his eyes focused on her lips he winks
she turns around
she catches his stare but they don't crumble
she swings her hair and glides across the hall. she passes him by but left with the sense of Macy's perfume.
Apr 20 · 124
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 20
They are gone but still here.
They are gone I feel their presence.
They have left but still stuck in me.
You have left me on this world with pain and guilt but your presence is still haunting me.
Afraid of the dark afraid of being alone I am lost.
Apr 19 · 109
At the end
Mia Mcdaniel Apr 19
At the end of my day
as I drift off to sleep
an image of you
in my head starts to creep of a smile at a fair
sunset near a shore
a kiss in the dark as my lips beg for more
of days that go past where I can't touch your hand
of those moments so dull
ones I can't stand
when I am not near enough just to see how you look
through my eyes where I want you to be
for if I had my way at least once every day  I could kiss you
and touch you and hold you and say
" How hard it must be for the stars in the sky to gaze down on earth
how it must make them sigh to see you down there so far away
They know just how I feel at the end of the day." Sweet dreams

— The End —