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Don't show me the way;
I only need your support
to find it myself.
 Oct 12 Mia Mcdaniel
Tiny pieces of
Shattered glass
Appear like
They're crystals.
Nothing is useless, really!
don’t hide from love — go outside and touch its face
don’t lock yourself — inside this raw and heartless place
and when you’ve healed — and all our blood has washed away
take your broken dreams outside — into the light of day

you love the light — yet darkness choked your soul
don’t dread the night — go walk your grievous, lonesome road
and when you’ve healed — and the scars all fade away
walk outside and feel — sunlight comforting your face

you’ll find someone — who’ll share your point of view
then you’ll walk far — along the lanes that we once knew
and when you’ve healed — the vicious pain kept finally at bay
you’ll feel our time dissolve — into the light of day
Lyrics of mine from another ancient song, over twenty years old, yet the pain sometimes still feels fresh.
People talk about
nothing and then they complain
when nothing gets done
                                            Kelly McManus
      the most authentic
            version of
     yourself and not
hiding parts of yourself
          has a way of
   judgemental people
        from your life  
             and you
     will  find  out  that
             being you
                 has it's

              Realize that
       you  are  different.
       Always have been.
            It may take
    awhile but realize that
         you are magic
  not meant for everyone
        to understand.
            People will
   question you, but that's
             all right,
     just stay in your lane
              being all  
         magical and stuff.
                                                                ­                      Jon York   2019
 Jun 26 Mia Mcdaniel
Underneath the frown
Is a fragile heart
Ready to break
And shatter
A tangled mess
Of emotions
Trying to fix herself

Failing to fix herself
You used to laugh, then.
I used to laugh and smile, too
Remember, back then?

Love in innocence,
Bright sparks rained down in my hair,
Dust clicked off my boots.

And you, you smiled then,
Your skin had color to show,
You were never grim.

I remember, now.
I remember what happened
Remember, back then?
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