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 Feb 3 Mia Mcdaniel
You kissed me softly in the rain,
then laughed gently into my mouth.
It tasted like Spring.
From three struggles there's no way of escape-

with life and others in general--the self, most important, in particular

which is saddled with too many an error and terror

as problems loom in every size and shape.
Saying good bye is hard
Especially when you're not ready
You are tired Id like more time
One more day to share a laugh
Make a moment I've grown
Learned so much taking your advice
Work hard and take the initiative
You served your country and a hero
Thank you for serving our family
Your moral code and ethics will live on
Still in denial cant believe you're gone
V of Cups
Memories in the way

You grieve yesterday as if your life has ended
You sorrow like the world ended yesterday
Self pity consumes you like a pest
But for disappointment you don't sway

You mourn on your own grave
You don't trust anyone else to bring you flowers
You fear the future like the past
You and your lover's gravestone stand like towers
A poem every day
 Dec 2020 Mia Mcdaniel
he carries bruises
on the right side of his chest
from the knife handles
he gladly takes
in order to hug the stabbed
among him
i had a knife
in my heart
when you found me

i’ve got a scar
and you’ve got a bruise
to prove it
You know me
almost accidentally.
But when the night blows out
& the little secret garden
is filled with small rain,
it's your eyes I want
looking for me.
Programing our day
with what you would call their way
stay in line obey

                                   Kelly McManus
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