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Apr 11
The winter has passed
They come and go
Spring is here though it will be gone
Though it leaves every season I am alright
My heart beat knows it will come again
The season will come and go yearly
Though the wind blows quieter this year
And the Spring leaves rattle louder
The season is still the same as it is different than any other
My heart hates the winter
Same winter that comes every year to steel the warmth in my heart but never returns
My heart never liked the sun that makes my heart beat faster then speed of light that flickers every twilight
The sun that warms my heart but never last
Though the sun that warms my heart it dries every love I nourished over the blooming spring
By and by the autumn takes as it goes
I sow my soul with the soul I don’t own
With the flesh of seeds I don’t posses
My lesson is learned as the season goes by
My heart learned not to yearn over snow that melts in the spring.  
As the seasons pass my heart never cries of thirst over the rain drops that dries in the sun of summer
Learned to never pick up the dead leaves from and old tree.
The season is here I just don’t have any seeds to give
Mia Mcdaniel
Written by
Mia Mcdaniel  18/F/285 whitman monmouth
(18/F/285 whitman monmouth)   
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