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Aug 9 · 88
Rox90 Aug 9
Black and white
Glitter falls
As the angels drop
From the sky above
Glow and rise
Echo calls
Through the colored wind
Clouds start to mend
May 27 · 50
You Are Not Patient
Rox90 May 27
You are not patient
Oh if only you knew the pain I felt
You are not patient
Oh if only you knew the secrets I held
You are not patient
Oh if only you knew the heart I killed
You are not patient
Oh if only you saw what I have seen
You are not patient
Oh if only you saw what I dreamed
You are not patient
Oh if only you saw what I bleed
You are not patient
Oh if only you felt my rage
You are not patient
Oh if only you felt my cage
You are not patient
Oh if only you felt my ache
You are not patient
Oh if only you were aware
If only you just listened and cared
You will ask “ how do you bare?”
May 27 · 55
Rox90 May 27
Motivation isn’t to do
It is to think about doing
Just like strength isn’t to speak
But it is to be silent
May 26 · 102
It Sucks
Rox90 May 26
My heart is pretty broken
And it *****
To think that one person
Could wreck us
With just an innocent smile
My brain explodes
And within a long mile
I’m at their road
Just stuck in a constant circle
And it *****
To think that my musings are eternal
And still love
May 3 · 183
Rox90 May 3
We are strangers
Not knowing who we are

But I would love to meet you someday
And travel every near and far

I would like to think you’re out there
Gazing at the crystal light star

Wondering who I am
The girl you thought of for so long
Apr 12 · 237
Rox90 Apr 12
I feel helpless when it comes to love
Yet I never want it to stop
Apr 10 · 95
Music Sheets
Rox90 Apr 10
Music through my veins bleed
Spreading the crimson beat

As my mind lights deep
And my soul starts to breath

Melodies start to rest free
From my head to my feet

Musical sheets my heart can read
Sorrow, intense, yet sweet

Words of long devoted passion I hear
Years of uprising and downfalls I feel

All is quite, all is sealed
As music through my veins bleed
Mar 2 · 91
Rox90 Mar 2
The lands are the limits
The skies are the limits
The planets are the limits
Your heart limits the limits
Jan 31 · 94
Rox90 Jan 31
My heart hurts so much
As pain starts to rush
I maybe over exaggerating
Or just hopelessly debating
But I feel cracks expand
When I can’t feel your hand
I feel so very weak
Yet I can’t go to sleep
When I think for countless minutes
Of all the possible struggles and limits
That I will not be with you
That dreams will never come true
I never thought that for a moment
Time could be so worthless
For a person who doesn’t even care
Wither I am sad, happy, or just there
It’s strange that my heart stings
And my head rings
For someone so far of hold
In both body and soul
Jan 18 · 168
Toxic Blood
Rox90 Jan 18
That toxic blood needs to stop
Flowing into my mind and heart

That poison running through my veins
Locking all of my senses in chains

The wildest thoughts rushing in my brain
Making my body twist and shiver in pain

That toxic blood needs to die
So my mind and heart can survive
Jan 14 · 79
The Pen Wrote This
Rox90 Jan 14
The pen wrote this
Not me
The pen wrote this
So free
The pen wrote
What I couldn’t see
Jan 4 · 57
Don’t cry
Rox90 Jan 4
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Hold it together
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
No tears ever
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
It will pass
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Stop being sad
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Think about this
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Just go rest
Don’t cry
Don’t cry
Ok let it out
Jan 4 · 51
Where I Keep You
Rox90 Jan 4
In my head
Right next to the moon
That’s where I keep you
Jan 1 · 211
Rox90 Jan 1
A small whisper says give up
A smaller whisper says be tough
And there I am stuck
Which whisper should I trust
Dec 2020 · 112
Dim the Lights
Rox90 Dec 2020
Dim the lights
Close your eyes
Try to sleep
Begin to dream
Clouds of pink
Rivers to drink
Music to dance
Lovers hold hands
Instruments can fly
Moon can rise
Stars glow bright
Two souls reunite
No pouring rain
Or horrible pain
Dim the lights
Close your eyes
Dec 2020 · 228
This or That
Rox90 Dec 2020
Love is this
Love is that
But in reality
Love is never this
Love is never that
Love can be anything
You think is “this” or “that”
Dec 2020 · 67
The way you lie
Rox90 Dec 2020
I love the way you lie
It’s just like an onion
Delicious but makes you cry
Dec 2020 · 102
When your soul awakes
Rox90 Dec 2020
When your soul awakes
Your chest expands
Your breath slows down
And your hands relax

When your soul awakes
You feel a river flow
Inside your body
It starts to grow

When your soul awakes
You see things so bright
Even the faddist colors
In the darkest night

When your soul awakes
You drown in relief  
As the wind blows
Your heart beats
Dec 2020 · 231
Rox90 Dec 2020
As darkness strikes the night
And Lanterns light up the sky

An owl flies like a kite
Through the wind cry

Brown and white wings
And sharp crystal eyes

Standing on the tree twigs
As mountains rise

Small feathers fall
As the moon so bright

An owl calls
For shadows in sight
Nov 2020 · 94
God’s Plan
Rox90 Nov 2020
You fall in a dark hole sometimes
You start to panic and scream

You think your about to die sometimes
You think that no one is near

But if you just take a moment to think
A moment to relax and breath

You will notice the hole will start to shrink
As diamonds and gold fill up under your feet
Nov 2020 · 531
Make a Wish
Rox90 Nov 2020
Look up to the sky
And close your eyes

Bring your feet together
In the snowing weather

Hold the gold dust tight
As it lights up bright

Blow it into the wind
And make a wish
Nov 2020 · 67
Rox90 Nov 2020
I notice people connect with simple poems
Like the simplest of feelings expressed in poems

Not the complicated vocabulary type of poems
Or the overly tragic/happy poems

Just the simplest words written in poems
Are the most memorable type of poems
Rox90 Nov 2020
“Knock!knock!” the sound came
The door opened very slowly

“Hi heart how is your pain?”
“Worst..” he replied coldly

The room was pitch black
As the empty hallow filled

“Well don’t be so sad”
“You just need to be held”

There were cracks in the ceiling
And dust that filled the chimney

“I know it’s hard to let go of the feeling”
“But then you will heal quickly ”

The heart started to shake
“But what if there was still hope!”

“Heart, you need to let go for your own sake”
“You need to move on and cope”

A moment of silence went by
I knew heart was doubting

I then sat and let out a sigh
“if it is written for you, it will come for you, even if the mountains were shouting and the world was drowning”

“you think so..” the heart said
As the lights started to begin

“I know so” I nodded my head
And that’s when the heart lived again
Nov 2020 · 353
Some Men
Rox90 Nov 2020
Some men are cruel
Some men are mad

Some men are fools
Some men are bad

Some men are kind
Some men are wrong

Some men are blind
Some men are strong

Some men are cold
Some men are grateful

Some men are gold
Some men are unfaithful

Some men are insecure
Some men are lovely

Some men are mature
Some men are bubbly

Some men might have a heart of ash
But not all men are a piece of trash
Nov 2020 · 497
Rox90 Nov 2020
Sliding down the edge of the moon
Touching the glowing river of stars
Crystal clear clouds in the mid of June
While dandelions spark and sing on Mars
Nov 2020 · 87
Rox90 Nov 2020
What should I write next
After endless of hours thinking
And making a long list
I look at my paper sinking
I have already described it all
Every emotion
Every feeling
Every fall
I sit there wondering in my thought
Realizing the dark space in my head
There are words that I have fought
Words that will never be said
I feel embarrassed almost ashamed
Of writing these sentences on paper
I know I am no where to be blamed
For the heart circus maker
I am scared of being judged
By a sprit
By a friend
Or a person I loved
Yet I still want to let this burden out
You can say I want to be free of it
And **** every single doubt
But I surrender and at the end I quit
God please give me the patience
You don’t give someone something he can’t take
Everyday is full of emptiness and hesitation
Holding myself together so I don’t break
At the end of the day I know the words are true
Nov 2020 · 168
Winter Wonder
Rox90 Nov 2020
When the clouds turn crystal white
A whisper of silence comes to sight

By a cold wind sneaking through the trees
And a crystal flake kissing the leaves

As the pouring rain turns to a wonder
And the white streets become longer

A view that looks like a dream
It’s true, winter has come indeed
#winterwonder #winter #poem #poetry
Oct 2020 · 164
Rox90 Oct 2020
If a fish can’t fly in the sky
And a bird can’t swim in the sea
Then how can I expect to be something
That is simply just not me
Oct 2020 · 179
Rox90 Oct 2020
Every time I look up all I see is your face
Lighting up the sky with so much beauty and grace
When you speak my heart races I can’t keep the pace
Gravity just falls and I just can’t keep my place
Just wondering if your my lover or just a phase
And every move you gesture I just cannot escape
Makes my brain go through a new different maze
I guess I am just a coward and just want to behave
For I never want to lose you or for something to change
Hold me close and never let there be any space
Cause when I look up all I want to see is your face
Oct 2020 · 206
A Gazing Mind
Rox90 Oct 2020
A gazing mind
So lost in time
Shines at night
Drifts off sight
At rays of light
#poem #poetry #calming #gazingmind #gazing #mind
Oct 2020 · 184
Car Lights
Rox90 Oct 2020
When the moon raises slowly in the sky
I drive pass the crowded streets

I look at the grass and feel the wind passing by
That cold yet soft breeze

Car lights spread across so fast and hazy
As I listen to the slow song on repeat

My heart flutters seeing the moon daisies
While my thoughts dig in so deep

I love this moment, when the world is slow
I just close my eyes and go with the flow
Oct 2020 · 585
Green Tea
Rox90 Oct 2020
Whenever you feel your mind stress
A simple sip of green tea will do the trick
Oct 2020 · 945
Rox90 Oct 2020
The sun beam strikes your face
As you squint at the light rays
Yet your eyes seem to have a star line
Very soft, gentle, and sweet
Yet stern, sharp, and deep
I cannot seem to leave your gaze
Maybe I should accept my faith
And make you wonder what’s on my mind
Oct 2020 · 435
Without You
Rox90 Oct 2020
In your eyes,
I see the sky in gleaming blue

In your heart,
Never thought it would be true

In your walk and in your pace,
I don’t wanna go no other place

Without you.

When you smile,
My thoughts just flutter all around

When you talk,
Music spark so clear and loud

And when you laugh and when you dance,
I never thought I had a chance

Without you.
Wrote this poem from sudden inspiration, hope you enjoy.
Oct 2020 · 195
Star Flower
Rox90 Oct 2020
Star flower shine so bright
Star flower light up the night

Star flower next to the moon
Star flower grow and bloom

Star flower warm to the heart
Star flower with colors of art

Star flower sings with love
Star flower raise up above
Oct 2020 · 528
One Simple Word
Rox90 Oct 2020
Saying a simple word
Can change a persons world

Wither it is for the good or bad
Wither it makes him happy or sad

With one simple word
You can either feel cozy or burn
Sep 2020 · 240
Heart of stone
Rox90 Sep 2020
I wish I had a heart of stone
No sadness or broken bones

I wish my heart was not foolish
And can dodge every bullet

I wish my heart was crystal clear
No words to hide or disappear

I wish my heart was not beating
And would not keep on bleeding

I wish I had a heart of stone
No constant pain or sore
Jul 2020 · 195
Expectation Vs Reality
Rox90 Jul 2020
We always want the expectations
The dreams and wishes we have
We set our path and preparations
To achieve these promises in hand
We try to avoid reality
The unwanted truth
We build a wall for actuality
To achieve our desired youth
“Expectations are perfect”
But what does perfect mean
Is it just getting all your dreams come true
Or is it to get what you see on a screen
Maybe it is just to make it through
“Reality hurts”
But with pain comes strength and wisdom
If we are always sitting pleasant
Getting what we want in our kingdom
Then what’s the point of going to heaven
May 2020 · 166
Rox90 May 2020
East, west, north, south
I will never have a doubt
Our hearts will always be together
Even when buried it will always be forever
May 2020 · 176
Rox90 May 2020
Sometimes I lack creativity
And that scares me
I think that I will not be able to write again
Feels like all of my work was just pretend
But creativity has its time and place
You don’t have think out of space
Creativity will flow
Wither it’s sun or snow
Creativity will show
May 2020 · 131
Rox90 May 2020
If you ever break my heart
I will forgive you
If you ever lie to me
I will forgive you
If you betray me
I will forgive you
If you broke my spine
Or ever made me cry
I will forgive you
If you ever leave me
I will forgive you
If you ever steal from me
I will forgive you
If you ever took my work
Or acted like a ****
I will forgive you
If you ever mock me
I will forgive you
If you ever hurt me
I will forgive you
If you didn’t keep a promise
Or disturbed my calmness
I will forgive you
I will forgive you
Because at the end of the day
God will judge you
#forgiveness #forgive #judge #poem #poetry #god #hurt #life
May 2020 · 160
The Witch
Rox90 May 2020
In a silent night
And wind moving in peace
A glimpse of a girl’s shadow
Rises on the streets
With her sparkling wand
And mystical cat
She flies across the town
Wearing her pointy hat
Collecting star dust and plants
Mixing herbs and casting spells
Looking at the crystals
For whom needs help
Interpreting lucid dreams
And Talking to sprits
In her magical breathless sanctuary
Writing her spells like lyrics
She drinks some tea
And then goes to sleep
#the witch #witch #poem #poetry #story #dream
May 2020 · 165
The Moon
Rox90 May 2020
This universe has a billion stars
In our lives we see a billion stars
Each of them close together
You wish you would look at them forever
However there is one moon in the sky
All alone as the birds fly
This universe only has one moon
In our lives we see only one moon
I wish I would be the moon in your life
May 2020 · 254
These Days are Over
Rox90 May 2020
These days are over
These days are gone
When you made me feel like I was the one
These days are over
These days are done
When one touch made me feel numb
These days are over
These days are torn apart
When your smile stole my heart
These days are over
These days are dark
When your eyes were a piece of art
These days are over
These days are lost
When our footsteps and love crossed
It was wonderful until we paid the cost
May 2020 · 94
The Meaning of Love
Rox90 May 2020
I am no philosopher
I have never fallen in love
However if I do have to define it
I would say a mother’s first look at her child
A father’s tired smile
A friend who is your armor
And a lover’s respect towards their partner
May 2020 · 429
The Art of Silence
Rox90 May 2020
Silence is not a sign of weakness
Yet it is a subtle art
Words can save your temper
But silence will save your soul
May 2020 · 364
Rox90 May 2020
we might complain about our situation now
" I am so bored I had enough"
" I want to see my friends this is so rough"
" I wish I can go outside and have fun"
" I need to shop for the new stuff"
yet others may smile and bow
" god thank you for keeping me alright"
" thank god I found a place to sleep tonight"
" I am blessed with my family at sight"
" god thank you for the food and clothes you gave in this daylight"
May 2020 · 206
Cold Hearted
Rox90 May 2020
they say you are so mean
your heart is cold
if you fell from a tree
you won't break cause your stone
you are the cruelest to ever be
and will always be alone
if only they knew my mean words were reality
and not to make them groan
for I may sound so beastly
but on the inside there is gold
Jun 2019 · 175
Rox90 Jun 2019
They say the eyes are the window to a persons soul
So why am I misjudged for a dark one
If they can truly see what’s my soul
They would not spit and run
For what’s inside is gold
Apr 2019 · 95
Rox90 Apr 2019
we will live till the end
we will never understand what is meant
some people don't have the chance to live
and for this time is a gift
every second you spent
wither it is something you sent
or something you wish to prevent
at the end
we sit there wondering where time went
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