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Taylor - Sweety Nov 2019
Seasons came and passed by
still living in shadows that your memories cast by;
reliving our togetherness and not allowing my soul to lament.
Praying every falling star to bring back our precious moment..
learning that it is not that easy to forget, as it is to be forgotten,
looking for you all over the world, forgive me I am a little foughten;
didn't lose my locus,
trust me you are still my focus;
longing for your broad hug
in your smile is I am still drugged;
Need no warmth nor presents..not askew
All I want for Christmas is you..
Taylor - Sweety Nov 2019
I am not a victim of a broken heart,
I will not ruin my life because of your depart;
I haven't lost faith in love,
I don't think that I am not brave;
Yes, I am a little lost now
but will not giveup like how you disavowed,
will wait for you for ages to come
I loved you truly, madly, deeply; will not succumb
Taylor - Sweety Nov 2019
from filling an overflowing coffee mug,
till seeing you off every day, just to steal a hug;
my life's embarrassing moments were with you...
Taylor - Sweety Nov 2019
My life's most embarrassing moments were with you...
staring at you..when the entire world was watching me,
feeling Aphasic, when I really wanted to express what you mean to me...
My life's most embarrassing moments were with you...
Taylor - Sweety Sep 2019
I am the star that you can admire but cannot reach,
I am the flower whom you can adore but not beseech;
I am the shadow that follows you, but cannot live with you,
I am the 'touch me not', come near me, I will withdrew;
Because I do not know who you are, I do not trust your avatar,
pardon me, I still live with a broken heart from my past
haven't gotten over all the harass;
Still cannot feel love, sorry for being stoic,
but I can come out of the cave, can start my life with you as a Novick;
Not hungry for money or power or position
will sincerely abide by all your traditions;
Just tell me that you love me till my wrinkles,
will share forever my giggles, jingles, and dimples
Taylor - Sweety Aug 2019
you inspire me in ways untold
since the time I first met you, I was clean bowled;
your words still linger around and inspire,
looks like the taste of your memories do not expire;
not sure how to move on,
when your thoughts and talks still stalk on.
Taylor - Sweety Aug 2019
Its okay if you can’t love me back,
I am used to encountering cul de sac;
Though I know that we don't hold the future together,
I will wait for you, till the end of my life's tether;
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