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Malefo Molefe Jan 2019
Names of my name.
by Malefo Molefe

The names of me is I, is you; yes, you prefer to call me ‘you’.
The name of I could be clever and the name of you as understanding.
You may call me confusing and in turn I shall name you angry.
Let me label her nice so that you responded in kind, saying she is kind.
She is beautiful, named beauty, she is beauty. She is perfect;
Named after her perfection. She is.

Call me pretentious saying that I belong to a race called “lies”.
Name me a lie. Identifying me as brutal, unkind and unloving.
Your mother named you but your family named you too.
Society called you white yet critically the government used digits.
You are just a number to the government and the insurance company.
Is naming an insult when you know that I ran short of calling you nothing?

The name of God is Jehovah, Elohim and the name of god is the Supreme Being.
The name of God is Allah and the name of GOD is the universe.
The name of GOD is ONE. They call GOD and used names like;
God or god, even father and the sun. They call GOD beauty, I said perfect.
I call GOD everything and name GOD nothing. I call GOD you.
I am these names, the words, the numbers and inscriptions. These are;
Names of my name.

— The End —